Monday, March 18, 2013

Signs of a Studio Design Wall Monday

Well it was a busy weekend. 6" of snow on Saturday is keeping spring at bay so its really hard to realize that the Erie Museum's Spring Art Show is coming up.  In fact, the deadline date is next Sunday.  What?????  How did that happen??  With that deadline looking me in the face, I really needed to get going on Sign, Signs. 

Kali kept me company
Really, how hard can that be?  Well not much - but it sure is time consuming.  First Sign, Signs needed to be ironed and heat set since it was painted instead of dyed.  Then the backing needed a good iron since that has sat in my stash about 10 years.    Then a few hours on the floor scooching around getting all those pins in.  siggghhhhhhhhhh  Can you tell I hate this part of the quilt?

With all the ironing this weekend, it really pointed out the fact that I need a nice big iron board.  I have decided to make one that will eventually sit on  the work table in my new studio.  I can take it off when I need the whole table and it will be a lot easier to use than my traditional board.

Ohhh and my new studio??  Well its coming along nicely thankyouverymuch!  Did you see that Sign Signs is pinned to my new monster design board??  Getting it up there pointed out the fact that I'll need a nice step ladder in my studio since I can't reach anywhere near the top.  Ohhh and did you notice all the nice lighting???   Paul got that done this week too. 

$30 Janome Horizon Sewing Table

And speaking of my handy husband, he spent Saturday making my new sewing table.  He made it to fit my Horizon and my short legs.  Finally a table that actually fit me.  It also fits my thread cases - there are shelves that are exactly the size of the 16" square boxes.  The body is made out of a sheet of plywood and the legs were turned from reclaimed cherry pallets.  He said it cost him $30.  Isn't he clever??  I'm thinking that eventually I'll paint it - except for the pretty legs, but for now its fine the way it is.

Besides, I need it today since I'm going to start all the thread work on this quilt - I need to bring the brick wall to  life!  I mean this piece needs to be done by Sunday after all!!

See more great design boards at Judy's Patchworks.


The Inside Stori said...

Do you lend out your husband??

Gari in AL said...

I'd even be willing to rent him. ;-)
I think I decided on a longarm after the first quilt I had to pin and then push through my DSM. Wow, what a task. However, good luck on your quilting this week: I know you are going to have a great Signs to hang in the Art show.

Rhonda said...

WOW, you hubby is indeed very "crafty". Love the sewing table.
You will get your quilt done and bound in record time...You can do it! (Words of encouragement) ;-}

Margaret said...

I see a whole new business venture for your hubby...custom sewing tables to fit the user, not just the machine! :-)

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Don't you love husbands who make stuff for you! Mine will but I have to supervise. A simple thing becomes a medieval castle with moat and archers!

annette said...

That is so great, Paul is a handy dandy man!! Love the lighting!

Chris said...

How fun. It is handy to have a man around who can do those things :)

bohemiannie! art said...

You GO girl. The studio and Signs, Signs are coming along beautifully!

Living to work - working to live said...

Seriously, unless you keep a close eye on him, you might find that your hubby is abducted by quilters wanted customised studios. Suggest you keep a close eye!

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Your studio is coming along very nicely. Kudos to you hubby for being so handy. Can't wait to see "Signs" all finished.