Friday, February 22, 2013

Literally Off the Wall Friday - The Birth of a Studio

If you've been paying attention, you probably know that I refer to my present working space as my Sewing Hole.  Why???  Because that's what it is.  Its this little pit nook along side my family room - open to all the comings and goings of my family.  And let me tell ya, my family is one big distraction.  That being said, I'm not the best at keeping myself focus either.  I mean how can you focus if the tv is on, Paul is always in and out and Tessa is talking to her Ipad (I really do think her boyfriend lives in there)?  Not to mention, everyone is constantly grabbing what they need out of my sewing stuff and also adding their two cents on my work.  So, its time for a new working space.

With 3600 square feet and 14 rooms in this Queen Anne Victorian, you'd think I could find a spot.  Well I did - finally! We have never used our front parlor.  When we moved in 20 years ago, we meant to use our front parlor - restoring it back to its former glory - but that never happened.  I mean, first we didn't have have the money and then we didn't really need a front parlor and now - well we don't have the money or the need.  So I'm happily claiming the spot for my new grown up studio.

Its perfect.  Its at the front of the house - totally out of the daily flow of life here.  It has big french doors that can be closed off or opened for whatever the need.  It has plenty of light with a north facing exposure. And its empty - well nearly empty.  All it needs is a little TLC - well okay. . . . a lot of TLC.

LOVE this idea
For months now I've been pinning images to my pinterest board getting ideas for what I want.  I know I want a separate sewing table and work table (right now they are combined).  I want a monster  - mega huge design board made out of core board.  I want a ton of direct task lighting.  I want a big peg board that has everything neatly organized.  I want my thread organized and easily available so I don't have to hunt down the right spool.  Ohhhh and I want a notions cabinet that's not falling apart.

So I got with my husband Paul and told him what I need.  Did I tell you that he's handy?  We - as always - don't have a huge budget but honestly we are good at designing on a dime.  I'm not moving my fabric downstairs  - its still going to stay two stories up in my attic loft.  (Hey a girl has  to get her exercise some how!) Really all I need is a quiet functional space that is free from the distractions of family life.
Love this Ikea Hack

Besides, I've been quilting 21 years now, I think I finally deserve to have my own space.

ohhhh and yeah -  I'm still plugging away on the Ladies and the signs project here.

So what have you've been up to creatively???


Living to work - working to live said...


Your house looks absolutely awesome. I am green with envy - your house and your space!

How do you manage to keep it warm in winter?

I have a cold, damp room here which is so uninviting in winter that I hardly use it, and at home (here is just my working base - long story) I hope to be able to take over a bedroom now that daughter has moved out.

Will be intrigued to see how this space develops.

Wil said...

What a lovely house!

Deborah OHare said...

You have a lovely home. I look forward to seeing your studio :)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Cooooooooool house, Nina! The good thing is that after quilting for so long, you know what you want consequently your new studio will be perfect for you. Some things are worth waiting for. Have fun!
best, nadia

quilthexle said...

What a lovely house ! Sounds like you already know pretty well how to organize your new studio - have fun ;-))

Shannon said...

I'm so happy you're getting your own space! Wonderful wonderful! My sewing and creating really ramped up when I was able to build a separate studio space. Just having someplace you can shut the doors when needed and concentrate will be so wonderful!! My favorite thing about my studio is the large rolling design walls- they hide large storage shelves and provide so much god space for looking at things, glad you're going to have a big design wall area!

Terry Whyte said...

I love older homes, so much character and charm. Beautiful house! You will love having your very own space.
I have been following your work on "the ladies" and really like the idea of quilting in sections before appliqueing. Looking forward to the progress on the quilt and your studio!

Linda M said...

You will love having a dedicated space where you can close the doors.

Sylvia said...

Lovely home! Congratulations on setting up your new studio!

Lisa Chin said...

So what is hubby coming up with? It will be fun to see the design you end up with. Congratulations on finally taking over your own space. It's a great feeling!

Katherine McNeese said...


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Your house is soooo cool! I want to visit when you get the quilting room done! Think of the fun we would have hiding away from your family!

glenda: so people don't think I am a guy propositioning you! LOL

Karen S Musgrave said...

Good for you! When I lived in Houston, I took the formal living room. I even had French doors installed so I could close it off. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Lucky you! The quilting space has much promise. You will love having your own space to be productive ~ without too many interruptions. God speed!

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Beautiful home! And great studio space. One recommendation - don't make your studio too comfortable. I thought that I would have a lovely space to relax and be alone. But hubby and the family gravitate to that room and "hang out" with me! Kind of defeats the purpose!

Millie said...

You need a big ironing table. Trust me, you do. Check out how I made mine here, and your husband can make it for you:

(Millie is the cat)