Monday, January 21, 2013

A Learning Curve - Design Wall Monday

Why is there always a learning curve as you do a project?  I mean when I started this redwork piece it was because it was a simple little piece of stitching on the side  The next thing you know, its grown into this major art piece that takes over my quiet thoughts before bed when I should be thinking of getting some sleep.  Over the last two weeks I've formed the direction I want the quilt to go in - but now just to get it executed.

I mean - what could be simpler??  You just outline a drawing on fabric and stitch it using the lowly backstitch.   Any beginner stitcher can handle  right??  Well  it being me - of course not.  Even though I literally embrodiered for the first 20 yrs of my life (starting at the age of 7) nothing ever comes easily.

So what have I found so far??  First of all when doing redwork you need to use a crewel needle - I like size 18 - that has a pointy tip.  The tapestry needle doesn't work on cotton like it does on linen.  Also, the pretty DMC size 5 perle cotton I picked out (a nice khaki color) will not make the fine stitches I need for some of the sign lettering.  So I'll have to look through my stash of DMC floss (which I have tons and tons and tons of ) and find the right color for that.

 Ohhhh and yeah - did I mention the Saral transfer that I so painstakingly did last week faded midstream - sighhhhhh.  Yep - of course it did - so I needed to retrace that with a light mechanical pencil.

Anyways - I'm hoping I have all the kinks worked out of this project and it will be go a bit more smoothly from now on.  I'm working out the design of my second block which I will transfer this time using my light box - I'm going to go ole skol and use an overhead projector to make it larger first.    Also, my friend Sandy is coming today so we can brainstorm some of the surface designing I want to do for the background set of the pieces.   She's such a master with that kind of thing maybe she can save me the trouble of my normal trial error methods!

Hope you'll give a look at what everyone else is up to on Judy's Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday!


Judy Ferguson said...

Nothing wrong with going "old school." I think that putting lines down with the thin lead mechanical pencil is the only way to go. I learned that from the "old school" quilters. Good job on these.

Lynette said...

How frustrating for it to fade out on you. :( And I agree with Judy. Old School has a lot of really good tricks up its sleeve!

Lois (AKA Onnie) said...

What an cool quilt! I love the idea of drawing your own blocks, and I love your theme.

Rhonda said...

Bad things do seem to happen when you're in the middle of a project but it all works out in the end. Your project looks great!!!!

Quilt Rat said...

If you are going to stitch right on the drawn lines....gave you tried the Frixion pens?...the lines disappear when you apply heat...iron or hair dryer
You can get them at office supply stores....just know that when exposed to extreme cold, the ink will re-appear

Sylvia said...

Good luck with this project, I have enjoyed watching it take shape.

Quilting Revolution said...

Thank you for sharing the journey with us! I have found that I learn the most through mistakes. Mistakes make good teachers - and the willingness to do so makes even greater ones. :-)