Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crosses. . . The Beginning of an Abstract Quilt Series

Okay here is the finished quilt top - the edges need to be trimmed a bit but for the most part I'm going to be leaving them uneven.  As you recall it was my first assignment for my Quilt University class "Working in Series" with Elizabeth Barton.  The whole abstract designing is a bit addicting.  Its going to be fun to study value and shape this way.  It really wasn't too hard either - 45 blocks and 11 hours in this quilt top!  I'm not quite sure where the free motion quilting is going to go but I'll leave that for another time.  I'm sure that Elizabeth is going to say, "Okay Nina - get going on the next."  See how she is???  (grin)

One thing I wanted to share with you is a quick piecing tip.  I used little stickers I bought at the dollar store to help keep the blocks in the right order.  In the past, whenever I had blocks like this that needed to be pieced exactly in the right order and the right side side up - they were forever getting switched around.  So this time, I numbered the stickers and placed them on the blocks.  Worked like a charm.  Everything was easily kept in the same order and when I was done - I just tossed them out.  I imagine you could keep them for another use but since they were only a buck for  300 - why?

I'm starting to machine quilt the Memorial quilt and start working on the next in the series.  Wow - don't I sound serious about my work? (grin)


Joyce said...

I love the way it goes from dark at the edges to light in the middle. I'd definitely keep the edges random the way they are now. It goes with the blocks. Thanks for that hint on keeping the pieces in order.

annette said...

So cool Nina!! I love it! The Crosses all speak differently and the colors are great!

henny said...

Wow.... I'm speechless, Nina ;)
I always amazed with your idea!