Sunday, July 13, 2014

Where Bloggers Create - My Studio

I came across Karen Valentine's "Where Bloggers Create"  blog party and I thought I would join since I run an on-going similar link up on my blog.

If you're new to my blog, I create in Queen Anne Victorian's front parlor which we converted into a working studio just over a year ago.  Now with 14 rooms in this house, I  never had a designated space for my art not counting my old sewing hole (which was dysfunctional at best).  Its not large but it is functional.  Since I not only do art quilting but also messy surface design and hand dyeing in there I haven't taken the time to overly decorate it.  In fact, I'm kinda digging the splatters of paint and dye here and there - I think it looks more authentic that way - grin!

On my art quilt list, we recently had a discussion on where we like to create.  Are our spaces all neat and clean or cluttered and cramped?  Do we like to have a lot of stuff surrounding the space as we create or is a  clean palette more pleasing?  For me, I like to have most of the storage outside my space.  My fabric storage  is up in my third floor dressing room.  My art books are in the den.  I try to keep just what I'm working on at the moment in my studio.  Sometimes I'm successful at this and sometimes not.  Twice in the last year I've had to overhaul and shovel out all the things that truly don't belong in there.

Here is studio's history from last year.  I know its not the prettiest space - nor the largest  - nor the most decked out - but after a year of having it - I can truly say its my favorite room in the house!
Where Bloggers Create


  1. I like your space because it's REAL!! I don't know how some people create in their pristine ubre chic spaces.They ARE work rooms after all!!.
    Off to look at your link.

  2. Both inside and out....your home is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing......

  3. I se a small bedroom for my sewing room. But it flows over into the rest of the house. My husband made a comment one time to a family member he didn't realize it would take over the house. Many times we use the space we have, but I'm not organized so things are here and there. Enjoy what you have and create. Chris

  4. What I'd give to have 14 rooms! LOL! I use a small bedroom for my sewing room and in an unfinished addition above the garage, I do most of the painting and printing. But during the summer, I move a lot of printmaking activity to an outdoor screened in sort of tent. By cup (and all rooms) runneth over!

  5. Love seeing your house and your workspace. I, too, am lucky enough to live in a large house with a lot of rooms, and I have claimed the two largest (besides the living and dining rooms) for my workspaces: one for sewing and one for calligraphy/bookbinding. I am NOT neat and have stuff everywhere. It always makes me feel better about my spaces to see others with kindred spirits manage similarly! Love your work, your blog, your world view! Thanks a bunch!!

  6. I don't know why "Open ID" sometimes show that long string of stuff instead of my email or name - so sorry about that - I am a real person!

    Elizabeth Bolton

  7. I enjoyed seeing your craft space. The in progress quilt on the wall is stunning! I am really having a great time with this blog hop.

  8. I would love a great work table like yours.


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