Friday, July 18, 2014

July's Rhythm - Off the Wall Friday

After 10 hours in the studio today, I had to call "Uncle".  I really wanted to finish blocking out my July assignment on Rhythm but when all the fabrics start looking a like - ya know its time to quit! 

I gotta say I've thoroughly enjoyed this month's assignment.  First not only am I a music girl at heart but Elizabeth was kind enough to allow me to use one of my favorite songs to base my work on.  I picked the theme song from  the TV show, Justified - Long Hard Times To Come by Gangstagrass.  I love this song because it mixes the hip hop rap over a traditional bluegrass back beat.  Also, its not a secret that I have a huge crush on the main character, Raylan Givens.  With this assignment I get to mix three loves into one!


So playing the song over, and over, and over - managed to come up with two main sketches with value drawings.  With decent critiques on both - I chose the one that I thought spoke the most about the song - I wanted to express how the song was one rhythm laid over the other.

My next step was to play with my black, brown and white paper making value layouts.  I tried a ton and came up with a few possibilities.  I picked one but I'm still not totally sold on it.  The nice thing about this design is that I can still change it around on my design board if I want to because ya know how it is. . . ."Make visual decisions visually".

Even with all that planning, I was actually surprised to see my idea come to light on this piece.  It looks even better than I imagine.  Of course, that last 6 blocks will pull it all together - plus I think I'll be adding more accent pieces, but  you get the gist. Yes - I glued fused them. GASP!   With trying to get The Curves done too - its just faster this way.
 Its going to be fun playing with different quilting ideas.

Its 36" by 36" so its a good size as a model for a bigger piece.

So What Have You Been Up to Creatively?


Turtlemoonimpressions said...

Looking good!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nina Marie. Love your choice of fabrics and colors. This is a really exciting piece--what a class!
best, nadia

Jenny K. Lyon said...

I love how yours is turning out! Your fabric choices and color placement really capture rhythm. And your value choices are spot on. I am thinking that fusing is the way to go on some of these monthly assignments-just not enough time!

Wen said...

I love a good share!
Great idea!

quilthexle said...

You've been busy - and the results look stunning. Will be fun to see how it turns out with those last blocks !

Margaret said...

I agree - great colours for the 'darks' in the piece. The decision to simply fuse strips gives it so much texture! :-)

Christine Staver said...

Boy you have been busy. Even with fusing it is still a lot of hours making this. I feel so "cheap" because my July piece is not nearly so complicated. I love your dark and light values. It definitely fits with the piece of music.