Friday, December 28, 2012

A Good Clean - Off the Wall Friday

Well, maybe one of you have gotten something done this week - but with everything else going on - I haven't.  Actually - I have - but not much!  I did get my sewing hole from looking like this. . . .

To looking like this. . . . .

Yeah, I almost forgot there was a table underneath there too!!  Also, the crosses is sandwiched and basted and I started quilting it when my Horizon started giving me trouble.  It never did work right after I jammed a needle in it - so I'm giving up and taking her in.  I'll get out my Elna and finish up the quilting this weekend.  

Ohhhh and I also, settled finally, on a theme for my redwork quilt - signs.  I played with a ton of themes  but this one has settled in.  You can go over and see my research so far on my pinterest board. I really do find Pinterest helpful to collect research for projects!

So in this holiday season - what did you all manage to get done??


  1. Good work on the tidy up! I will link up later once I have done my post but I have got quite a lot sewn over the break so far- OH has been on night shifts so I need something quiet to do til he gets up in the afternoon. So no hoovering or cleaning the bedroom, what a shame.

    (by the way it's Kerry @ - ever since making my blog independent I've not been able to comment with OpenID on any Blogger blogs unless they have a URL option)

  2. Nina - congrats on cleaning up! I do that every once in a while but it doesn't last long!

  3. Boy do I ever need to clean up my room.......wanna come and help?

    I will post my gears piece next week.


  4. That's a HUGE amount of work to get done!!! I finished up quite a few little projects myself!

  5. I had a brief thought after reading QuiltSwissy's post about helping one another clean up our rooms. The truth is we would get nothing done because there would be ooohs and aahhs and "look at this" and "what's that?", etc. We would have LOTS of fun...but no cleaning done. :)


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