Thursday, January 3, 2013

Word of 2013 - Productivity - Off the Wall Friday

 Proverbs 4:18
39" by 28"
Machine pieced, Machine quilted
hand dyed cotton by the artist

Productivity. . . now that's what I need in my life.  Don't we all?  I probably could add focus and discipline in there too since that's what going to lead me to being more productive in 2013. In the past, I've been pretty good about keeping to my word of the year but this one - well - it will be a challenge.  But as anybody who knows me will tell ya , I am pretty good with self goals.

To that end, I'm off to a good start finishing up Crosses III  - entitled Proverbs 4:18  - "The path of the righteous is like the morning sun,  shining ever brighter till the full light of day."  

I'll finish up the facing and labeling tomorrow and it will be off to its new owner!  I'm all happy with it  - although the next one I want to work on something more creative with the quilting line.  Guess that's why we work in series!

With my word of the year in mind I do have a Ta-Da List  To Do list in mind - which I'll share so that you can help me keep on track! 
  1. Sacred Threads entry - due by March 9
  2. Erie Museum Spring Show entry - due end of March 
  3. Campbell's Pottery Lily Festival Art Show entry - end of June
  4. Quilts = Art = Quilts entry - mid August
  5. Quilt Crosses II and complete Crosses IV
OMG - seems I do have my work cut out for me.  Luckily my Sacred Thread's entry is nearly designed and pieced - oops - that's for the next post!!

On that note - What have you been up to creatively??


Kit Lang said...

Tried to post and it says "post does not contain a backlink to this site". I always link to your posts so if there's something else I need to do, I don't know what it is. But this is annoying! lol

Kit Lang said...

it's apparently not recognizing my link to your post.


Have fun this week!

Vera Holmgren said...

I really like your quilt, lovely colors!

Deborah OHare said...

Having a link up like this helps to keep us all productive :)

bohemiannie! art said...

I liked the Ta Daa list better!

I've been playing in my art journal and finishing up a project for Art Quilts Around the World!

Nothing that can be shown here this week but I'm enjoying everyone else's and LOVE Proverbs 4:18!

Sandy said...

I thought from your comment on QA that you were just wanting us to link posts about the word we have chosen. I am glad to see it is not. I guess I could state one if pressed, but I don't really do the word thing. I put enough pressure on myself already as it is! LOL

Anyway, this one is not specifically Art Quilt, but it is priming the pump for the piece I am about to start.
Thanks for sharing your blog in this way!
Sandy in the UK

Vivian said...

I work in fibre art, here is a link to a recent journal quilt.

Fluster Buster said...

I found your party link @ Linky Here. I am honored to share my work with all of your friends. Please stop by and share your creativity with my friends @

Anonymous said...

I really like coming over to your blog to be inspired and share:) Happy new year and here is to productivity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina Marie, I can't open your email in my outlook. I would love some links on how to get quilts to lay flat...much appreciated,thanks. Dianna

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Hi Nina Marie- I would like to join but am being a bit dumb about the process- is there another explanation somewhere else?

Linda Cline said...

Your cross quilt is coming along nicely. You will have a great series.

I have been finishing up some work also, and you have inspired me to put my own "to do" list on my blog.

Finally figured out what you meant by "link up", but the comment next to the link for says "collection closed", so I guess I didn't see your post early enough.