Thursday, August 23, 2012

Its All About Composition. . . Inspirational Thursday

Recently, we were invited to a friend's family camp in west Erie county Pennsylvania.  To call this just a "camp" would be a understatement since its really a huge 3 story post and beam building.  It sits on top this hill with a gorgeous view of countryside that surrounds it.  The weather was good - the company better and we had a really nice afternoon.  As is my habit, I gave Tessa, my 14 yr old, my little camera to take some inspirational pictures.  Soon she came back with the shots you see here.  I showed them to the women I was chatting with saying its not all about what's in the picture but how the picture is composed.  

As you can see by these, my very talented daughter took what amounts to yard leftovers and made it look interesting (with very little editing from her mother I might add).  So next time when you're taking pictures - don't just wait for that awesome subject matter to cross your path - look at what's already there and what's the best way to compose the shot!

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Annette said...

Love these...especially the fence. Nice job Tessa.