Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Search of . . . Inspiration

Now that Quilting by the Lake is about a week away, I really need to start packing and getting ready. I'm taking two design classes taught by Cynthia Corbin and Elizabeth Barton. I've had both before so I know sort of what to expect, but still packing seems daunting. Don't get me wrong. Their supply lists are easy enough to understand. In fact they both pretty much overlap. Still, both say to bring inspiration.

Well, I searched high and low through my quilting supplies to find the package marked inspiration. Couldn't find it it there. Looked on JoAnn's Fabrics notion wall (which was 50% off last week btw) but they didn't carry it. Even checked at some of my favorite online quilt shops (where I would have to pay shipping) but no luck. So I'm left with the question . . . Where does one find inspiration?

If you're like me, I find inspiration everywhere and no where at all. What I mean is, I see something that inspires me, and then something else and then something else etc. etc. Nothing right now is popping out at me. One of the classes is taking your work into a new direction while the other is creating a series. Sooooooooooo I need to find a subject matter that is new and that I will want to study for a while. Easier said then done, I'm finding.

Does anybody have any good ideas on where to find inspirational pictures? I've been searching for images - here are some that caught my attention - you can let me know what you think . . . . As always any comments are welcome.

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Suzanne Kistler said...

Have an AWESOME time!! I've taken 2 classes from Cynthia - tell her "Suzanne Kistler says, 'Hi!' "

Both times I took specific pictures with all of the proper colors to make them. At the last minute, I threw in other pictures that were "maybe someday" ideas, along with a few oddball fabrics.

Each time the idea/inspiration I was initially devoted to evaporated, and I ended up with amazing projects from my back-up ideas.

I would encourage you to go with an open mind and take a broad variety of fabrics and ideas with you. Cynthia gives guidance, but you'll end up choosing the direction your project travels. Have fun!!!