Friday, June 7, 2024

Off the Wall Friday


So right now my life is in a season of change.  I was laid off suddenly from a job I love because they outsourced the positions to the Philippines.  In all honesty, I was VERY ready for my next challenge but there were so many good benefits with the job, I hadn't made the move.  Until I was made to.  As always, God blessed me with finding the right job, right away.  Go figure that having good customer service skills would be very marketable in today's job climate.  

I'm working now for Channellock, Inc.  They have been making hand tools since 1876 and for the most part are made entirely in the USA from US materials.  It really is a great job.  I'm working up in my really nice big cube on the second floor and the whole room shakes like an Earthquake.  I look around and nobody even notices.  I soon find out that's because the offices are attached to the machine floor and there is this HUGE machine pressing out HUGE wrenches.  Whenever it's running the building shakes.  My team assures me I'll get used to it.  Three weeks later, I am.  It's a constant reminder that I work for a company that makes things.

Anyways I say all this because right now I'm going to focus on my home life, my family and getting used to working outside the home again.  (BTW - I know people love working from home - not me - I'll take a nice office any day!)  So, for foreseeable future I'll host Off the Wall every Friday with bits and bobs.  As soon as I got something creative to post I will.

Seasons - they're a fact of life!

So, What Have You Been Up to Creatively?

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Gretchen Weaver said...

It's wonderful that you found a new job right away and you're happy with it! Hopefully when you are at home, you'll be able to concentrate on your home and creating. Happy stitching during this transition!

maggie fellow said...

congrats - I am familiar with the name - my hubby was and is a big machine repairman and he loved channel locks

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Oh wow, huge change! THrilled to hear that you enjoy working in an office. He is Good and provided for you immediately. Now you may find new friends too! I love channellock, have several of their vice grips in a variety of sizes.

viridian said...

Good luck with your transition!

Claire said...

Sorry to hear your former company outsourced to the Philippines. Sure won't be ordering as much as I used to if I have to deal with poor language skills.

Glad you found a new job so quickly and hope you will love it.

Tami Von Zalez said...

Congratulations on your new position. I too don't enjoy 100% remote work. I had the best of both worlds - 3 days in office, 2 days remote. Kept me from going stir crazy. Retiring now though so a whole new way of life.

Melva said...

I think you are doing well to be kind to yourself and allow a period of time to find a new normal. Thanks for the chance to share in your party. Blessings, Melva