Friday, April 21, 2023

A Quick Update! BOM Month 4 on Off the Wall Friday


Attempt 1 - I just thought the petals were too BUSY!

Wow!  Spring is crazy around here.  It's like all the ladies across the country woke up and thought, "Gosh, it's spring.  I need some new clothes!"  So you'll forgive me if this is a short  I did manage to get in a bit of applique this week and when I say a bit....I actually mean a bit!  

I am working on the fourth month of the Homeward Bound Quilt from the Quilt Show website.  It's the month when we finally get to put all the months together and applique the top of the flowers on.  Doing it hand applique just takes longer but I'm enjoying the process,

Well, I was enjoying the process right up till I did one cornflower.  I made the fatal mistake of not following the directions (video AND written) about tracing the pattern out onto the fabric.  As they would say in Pretty Woman, Big mistake, HUGE!  Apparently, you can't just "eye it in".   By the time I got to the end of all 6 petals, I realized the top center piece would not fit on properly.  sighhhhh THEN when I was taking a picture of  it ('cause all mistakes need to be immortalized, right?) I was thinking the prints didn't work.    The color was working but the prints, not so much!  The prints were just too busy even though they are a tone-on-tone, those prints have a LOT of movement in them.  The cornflowers were meant to anchor the blocks since all those circles (hollyhocks) are so darn busy!

See I think this works better!

So I bit the bullet, took an hour to pull it all out, and pulled out some hand dyes.  I also pulled out my light box to trace the pattern on tracing inside the line so it wouldn't show and sat down to do it all over again.  By the time I was done, I was all happy!

So really it was actually a fortunate mistake, 'cause I don't know if I would have had the discipline to re-do the whole fabric just because the fabric was a bit off!  I know other people do, but when you're looking at re-doing 3-4 hrs of work, it's just hard!

I have one and a half done and it's the  21st!  I better get after it!

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