Friday, January 20, 2023

Stash Make Over Continues on Off the Wall Friday

 Why is it that an organizational project always looks worse before it gets better?  I knew this would be a big job but WoW it's a really big job.  I had no idea how much stuff I had stashed in that room over the years. I am taking it seriously though and as promised I'm documenting as I go.  I decided that I'm going to have three piles....fabric that is organized by color.....fabric that is organized by collection .... fabric that is going to be donated to the sewing programs at the Erie City Mission. The nice thing about sewing for 30 years is that you now realize what fabric you will use and what you won't use!  I'm blessed to find it a good home since the last time I sold it off it was a ton of work!

The first thing was emptying out the dressing room on the third floor....

Then stage it all down my 2nd floor hallway until it can be sorted ...

Then little by by box...bin by bin...start sorting, organizing and purging!

Yes that's other end of my bedroom

Sooner or later it's bound to be done right?  One thing I've learned so far... I definitely have enough fabric!  
That's what I've been up to this week...

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