Friday, April 15, 2022

Found: Stitch Samples on Off the Wall Friday


This week I've continued on with the spring cleaning of my dressing room which houses the clothes I don't wear all that much and the stash that I don't use that much.  When I say "That Much",  up until I started this it's been a long while since I had been in there.  The clothes have been easy.  So far 12 13-gallon bags have gone to the Salvation Army.  Apparently, when you work for a women's clothing retailer you tend to accumulate a lot of clothes.  Now the stash, well that's another story.

I've been coming across all sorts of stuff that I ... #1 Loved but didn't know what to do with ... #2  Hate but know I'll need it eventually and  #3 Totally forgot I owned or where it originally came from.  It's kinda scary the stuff you accumulate over 30 years of quilting.  So I'm making piles.  

One of the piles is actually one that I will need quite soon.  

In three weeks, I leave for Marc Adams School of Woodworking to take an art quilting class.  Part of the supply list are scraps over 2".  Now I thought I had made an honest effort over the years not to keep too many scraps. But, I keep finding little baggies and boxes of them.  Apparently, "Honest Effort" is all relative.  Right now they are all sitting in a large laundry basket...yes you read that right...laundry basket waiting to get sorted into some kind of semblance of order.  More on this in the upcoming weeks.

One thing I found that was interesting was the box of weird experiments.  I found these stitching blocks that I was playing with.  I just took the odds and ends scraps I had and started stitching them, playing with the texture and line.  I thought they were kinda cool but had no idea what to do with them.  I also found a box of what I call Lost Blocks.  These are leftover blocks from bigger projects, or starter blocks that I didn't like, or blocks I traded that weren't my deal.  

Truly I can see this project taking me all summer.  And yes I'm taking pictures.  

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Angela said...

It is truly a never-ending process to organize our stash. I really enjoy using my experiments for textile journal pages.

Melva said...

At the beginning of 2021 I was overwhelmed with my scrap bin. It was overflowing... so I sorted it out by colors and then gave them away so that I could start anew. It was a great relief to me. :)

Anonymous said...

You have been industrious!

Nina Marie said...

I think a textile is an excellent idea!! Thanks Angela! I'll set them all aside to do gather them all together!