Friday, March 11, 2022

My Favorite Posts on Off the Wall Friday


One of my favorite blogs to read on a daily basis is called  Ask a Manager.  It's not so much that  I need advice in the workplace but it's a great study of how different humans are in general.  Like Allison says, "Humans are weird" and THAT is interesting! (more on this at the end)

I bring this up because that is where I got the idea for today's post.  After over 11 years of blogging, I thought it would be fun to list MY favorite posts.  

  1. What is a Focal Point...I love this one because they are so important in most pieces and it was fun to show how to find them in paintings as you walk through an art museum. 
  2. The Keys to Good Composition because this one I refer to myself time and time again.  
  3. Trials at QBL  ..  This shows how important it is to make visual decisions visually.  Not often do I photograph out all my trials and then have a list of why they didn't work.  
  4. The Georgia O'Keefe Posts the art show and the facts because - well - she's Georgia O'Keefe and was a fascinating woman!

  5. Red Solo Cup Dyeing because it was the first time I really realized that with hand dyeing anything goes.  Plus who doesn't like a good new way to use a red solo cup?
  6. JC Campbell Folk School Review because when we're not stuck in the middle of a pandemic it's one of the best places on earth!
    John C Campbell's Silk Painting

  7. The Birdhouses and Lilies because it was my first post and what started this all.  I mean why not start a hard could it be???
  8. The Mentally Strong Series ... here ...and... here!  because it's full of things we all need to be reminded of now and again.
Wow!  What a walk down memory lane.

Now under Things I Like!  

Getting back to Ask a Manager ... there are two posts that I loved because they fall under the category "Bat Shit Crazy" ...The Spicy Food Thief  (read the update!) and The Sex Club (because at first I thought that can't be true but after talking to my daughter and the "norms" around sex with young adults, I thought -- gee maybe it is true!)

That should give you something to read!!

So What Have You've Been Up to Creatively?

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Jo said...

Well, I once worked for a state agency where employees would have sex in the stairwells, probably figuring everyone took the elevators. And that was back in the 1970s.