Friday, January 15, 2021

My Goal Planning on Off the Wall Friday

 So after writing last week's post on SMART goal setting, I had a good idea on how to go about it.  Now I just had to sit down and do it!!  hmmmmmmmm...okay....where to begin.  As most times in life lately, it began with a google search (of course it did!).  That brought way more information on goal setting and goal setting worksheets than one girl really needs!!  I settled on a worksheet layout that was created by Aimee, at the Crazy Craft Lady.  I liked how she broke up the time for the goals into a 90 day period and then from there into 3 - 30 day periods.    90 days all seems more manageable than a full year.  Plus after 30 days, I can always adjust the specifics of the goal! 


Once I settled on a worksheet, it was easy enough to fill out using PDFescape.  Of course you could just print out the form and use a !!GASP!!.. a pen, but honestly my handwriting is so under utilized these days that its become illegible.  Coming up with the goals wasn't hard since two of them were staring me in the face everyday saying "Why aren't you working on me?"  As per SMART...


Specific ...Hand piece pinwheel quilt regularly, Complete my masterclass, Finish Abbey Quilt

Measurable...Hand piece 4 hrs a week, complete each weekly assignment from my masterclass, work 8 hrs a weekend on Abbey till it's done.

Achievable...That's 12 hrs a week sewing/creating is doable although I still work full time.  I should finish Abbey before my masterclass starts, but if not I'll adjust the timeline.

Relevant...All three goals are appropriate for my Master Vision and Purpose...To Work Routinely & Productively in my Studio 

Time Bound...The goals are all set up hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and finally in one quarter.  90 days later I can adjust and recommit. 

Now, I'm writing this all so you can see how I did it.   With all the information out there I didn't see one person actually put their goal process out as an example.  It didn't take me long to come up with this so I wanted to show that it's not as hard as it seems!  In fact, I'm thinking that writing these two posts is the easy part!  Getting the 12 hrs of work done each week is the hard part!!

Now onto Things I Like.....

Creative Classes!!  It's no secret that my favorite vacation is when I learn something new and

am able to refuel myself creatively!  This week I managed to make a new plan for 2021 after 3 such vacations got cancelled in 2020.  (Seriously worst vacation year ever!)

Quilting By the Lake has not managed to announce a summer schedule this year due to Covid, but did set up online Online Classes  & Workshops.  So I signed up for Rosalie Dace's Masterclass.  5 weekend  days of exercises lead by Rosalie who is safely home in South Africa.  It's not QBL but I will have the luxury of having my whole studio and fabric stash at my finger tips so that will be nice.  This starts the last week of February therefore, making it into my creative goals for this quarter.

John C. Campbell Folk School is resuming classes for June 1.  I'm signed up for a Embellishing Textile class with Jennifer Ries in August (my husband is going to learn to make brooms - apparently a life long ambition of his) and then I'll go back down in October to take a class with Mary Lou Weidman to try my hand at applique story quilts.  Both sound fun - both should ad a skill or two to my toolbox but more importantly fill back up my creative jug!

There ya go!!  Now it seems I have a plan for 2021!!  I think things are looking up!

 What Have You Been Up to Creatively??


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Anonymous said...

I admire your ambition! You have a lot of fun classes set up. I think we are finally learning how to plan in spite of the pandemic.


Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

This is a great goal setting exercise. I have been slack in creating goals lately, and in fact, I haven;t opened my calendar this week and missed a task. I am going to see if I can set up some goals and tasks the way you have.

dq said...

Goal setting is what I have been up to as well. I like the way your goals are broken down. I do the same in my planner. Goals work so well for me, but others get discouraged when they don't achieve them. I try to look at what got done and not at what didn't.

Rebecca Grace said...

WOW, you are organized with your goal setting! I'm impressed. It looks like you have a wonderful and creative year ahead of you!

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