Friday, December 4, 2020

Christmas Is Coming ... Off The Wall Friday

 This is the hardest of time of year for making my weekly blog post.  So many things are working against my creative soul.  Work is in it's rush season; the days are short and sunlight is scarce; presents need bought & wrapped; the house needs to be decorated.  Omgoodness, I could go on and on.  Even in this year of social distancing, there are plenty of things that fill a girl's to-do list.  

Tonight, I took a breathe and curled up on my bed with my hubby, to enjoy one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  Gasp!!  Whatever you're thinking....Stop .... this is NOT that kind of blog!!  Grin!!  

No, it's to enjoy our yearly tradition of listening to the Stars & Promises Concert by Peter Mayer. Every Christmas,  Mayer, whose day job is acting as the lead guitarist for Jimmy Buffet, does a tour of small churches to ring in the Christmas season.  He and his excellent musicians put together a wonderful set of original songs and twists on traditional songs and a bunch in between.  

We've been enjoying the tour since  2005 when our daughter, Tessa, had the pleasure of singing back up with her choir when the tour stopped at her school in Erie, PA.  Since than it really isn't Christmas, without Stars & Promises music playing somewhere in the house.  

So if you are looking for a good mix of folk, jazz, and original joy....please look up album.  It can be found on Spotify and youtube.   Also the amazing show I saw tonight will be shown 4 other times through facebook The production was amazing. It was the next best thing to being there.  Let's just say this is NOT your grandma's Christmas Concert.....but I would highly recommend you bring your grandma! 

 So  that's what I've been doing with my creative listening to some great music!!

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Michelle Churchman said...

As I’m reading this post, I’m listening to Jimmy Buffet. LOL! Sounds like a lovely Christmas tradition.


Celine said...

love reading your post, great starter!