Friday, November 6, 2020

Momentum in Quilt Making - Off the Wall Friday

 I really don't know where the time goes!  I peeped in my studio the other day and realized that it had been  a full week since I had been in there.  There my umbrella quilt sat...almost done.  Why is it that in the beginning of a project you are all Gung-Ho, and then somewhere along the line you start losing momentum.  Does it suddenly get boring?  Is your mind off onto  the next shiny new project?  Are you at a point where you just don't know where to go?  Or did life just start getting busy and you prioritized EVERYTHING  ahead of sewing?!?  I wouldn't doubt the answer is usually a bit of all of them.

I can tell you over the years I've struggled  - yes the struggle is real - with finishing quilts.  The

only full proof method for me to get something done is a deadline (like for show or gift).  But I thought I would brainstorm some other things that have helped me stay motivated over the years.

1.  Make an Appointment...put it in your planner that you are going to work in studio at a certain time.  Don't answer the phone...Don't check Facebook or Instagram...put out the DON'T DISTURB UNLESS SOMEONE IS BLEEDING OR HUGH JACKMAN CALLS sign

2. Create an Incentive .... Do you want to listen to a new book?  Or Album?  Make a personal rule that you can't listen unless you are working in your studio (btw, I use this for exercising and it works great) 

3. Read the Sign
....I have a habit of putting up cutesy quotes on my mirror, on my desk and in my studio.  They all are different versions of the same message "To Get to your Dream, You Actually have to do the Work"  In this world where everyone seems to be living their best life online and in social media, it's such a good reminder.  Nobody, and I mean Nobody ever gets really good things unless they work for them.  You can't work for it unless you are in your studio.

4. Set An Alarm...with all the fun gadgets out there today this one is the easiest.  I have a habit of setting an alarm for 1 hr.  I tell myself I can't leave until the alarm goes off.  Or I might say to myself, "Self, if you work for an hour, you can check your facebook"  Whatever!  The point is you will get something done even if its just an hour at a time.  Most of the time, I end up working for another hour span!

5. Call A Friend .... my daughter's best friend is an artist in her senior year of art school.  When she having trouble with a project, she'll facetime  my daughter while she works.  This can go on for hours. This way she gets your assignment done plus gets a visit in.

6. Find A Partner ... I've done this with my weight loss but it also works great for getting projects done.  It's amazing what a little accountability will do to keep you going!  Set up a critique session with your partner and make sure you have something done to show.   Can't find someone??  Use Off the Wall Friday.  Make sure you get something done so you'll be able to blog about it and link up!

With all of those you should be able to keep going!!  Also, since accountability is everything, I am pledging to have my Umbrella quilt top done by next week and on the way to the quilting process!!

So What Have You Been Up to Creatively?

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dq said...

These were all great ideas to help us get those UFOs done! Getting rolling in my sewing room isn't hard, but reading from the "good book" sometimems is. What I try to do is listen to it while sewing. I get double duty done that way!

Anonymous said...

Great advice, Nina! Part of my problem is having too many hobbies.


Jo said...

Podcasts come to my rescue while doing the non-thinking parts of projects. I like Jill Lepore's and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's. My ultimate bottlenecks in finishing projects are hanging sleeves and photography. I hope to begin a multi-year catch up photo shoot today. said...

Great, advice. My goal for the winter is to finish several small wall quilts to improve my machine quilting. I'm using them to practice, practice, practice. I can see improvement already.

Celine said...

Hello, it is my first time linking on your blog, and I agree the struggle is so real. Deadlines (present) works best for me! Good luck with your project

QuiltConscious said...

Loved the November 6th column. I’m always pushing to get work done. Sometimes easy and sometimes not. Thanks for the inspiration. Missed QBL this year ��