Friday, October 2, 2020

Wonderfil Thread Review on Off the Wall Friday


Okay, I'll admit it.  I'm getting obsessed...with thread.   Yes, there are more dangerous and worse things to get obsessed with but still, it's getting out of hand.  It all started when I saw that people were using bobbin thread to English Paper Piece.  Then I started looking at  new and different thread lines that have come out in the last 10 years.  Then I started ordering samples, trying them out, watching videos...etc etc....You get the picture.  Yes, I've gone  down that rabbit hole of THREAD.  

So what have I learned in my journeys??  I found this simply amazing blog post by Nancy Purvis that shows the quality of threads under a microscope. This post was written in 2012 but still is SO interesting. Then there is Dr. Bob over at Superior Threads who has a really informative set of videos filled with practical knowledge of thread.  Some are videos on their products but most will give you thread knowledge that will make your sewing life easier. Yes it's basically Everything You Ever Wanted To Know about Thread, But Was Afraid to Ask!  Thennnnnn each brand of thread has not only information on their thread lines, but cheat sheets on what threads can be used for what applications and with what needles.   

See what I mean ???  A Rabbit Hole.  Most of the thread lines, I've tried in one shape or another through the years...all except Wonderfil.  Wonderfil is a Canadian company started in 1988 and their threads aren't widely available in my little part of  NWestern PA, so it's nice that their website is so easy to shop from.  They also have been giving out 4 packs of sample spools of their products with orders (I believe they were the ones that were from the cancelled AQS shows) so you can try different lines. FREE is perfect for trying things out! 

Now as always, I have no affiliation with anyone, anywhere with anything connected to quilting. (grin)

A Wonderfil Thread Review

I've made three orders with Wonderfil in the last few weeks.  The website is easy to navigate , shipping to the US is free and relatively fast, and there is a lot of helpful information on their site.  The threads come in small or large spools and they carry some really handy thread packs of different lines.  The thread is competitively price but it seems like some lines are limited in colors.  I started with the DecoBob line which is a 80 wt polyester thread. Compared to Bottom Line (60 wt polyester) , I felt it worked smoother in hand sewing for EPP and applique.  Plus its more affordable and offered in smaller spools packs which are really handy.  I did have a few spools that did not start smoothly (and I really need to get back to customer service about those)

That got me would DecoBob work in my machine.  I have one big criteria in my

machine thread ... it needs to be LOW Maintenance.  Honestly, I have little patience for thread that breaks, has tension issues, needs special needles, won't feed evenly into my machine etc.  If you listen to the Dr. Bob videos though, a little knowledge goes a long way in most of these issues.  Still each machine (and operator) has different issues with different thread types.  

I said to myself, "Self, what would happen if I just grabbed a spool of thread, slapped on my free motion foot, put the pedal to the metal, and got quilting?"  I mean honestly that is how it usually happens.  Nothing is worse than when finally its time to put in thread work or free motion quilting, and your thread will not cooperate.    So here is  what  I found....

Aurifil 50 Wt Cotton   

This is what I use all the time pretty much for everything. I use light grey and dark grey big cones for piecing and bobbins.  I don't really tend to match my bobbin threads (even with quilting) and find the grey works with most colors.   Like everyone else, I find it works great in my machine with little lint considering its a cotton.  It does however leave a pretty big quilting line.  It sits on top of the fabric more.  Also, when I  get going at a little too fast it can break.  I personally think that is a operator issue rather than a thread issue.  (that photo should say 50 Wt - I keep forgetting I switched to 50 wt 10 yrs ago)

Wonderfil's Efina 60 Wt Cotton.  You wouldn't think that there wouldn't  be a noticeable difference between a 50 wt and a 60 wt but there definitely was.  It seemed to give a finer line that sank more into the fabric instead of resting on the top.  I had no problem machine quilting with it and it worked smoothly.  

Wonderfil's DecoBob 80 Wt Polyester.  
I don't know why I never thought to use bobbin thread on top!  Wow!!  This free motioned quilted easy and I love the line it gave.  It's super fine with just enough definition.  It tended to move easily and sink into the fabric.  I had no breakage even at my highest speeds.  

Wonderfil's InvisaFil 100  Wt Polyester

So this is where the first hiccup happened.  I had to change my needle from a universal 80 to a Microtex 80 to get this thread to free motion smoothly.  Even with that I had to slow down my speeds and take extra care.  There were still skipping stitches.  BUT this is the kind of weight that you can use instead of using a nylon visible thread.  It definitely looked like that on fabric without any kind of shine.  I have totally given up on using invisible thread because it has thrown off the timing of my machine twice and landed it it into the shop.  Also, ruined two  - yes - TWO - Bobbbin cases!

Anddddd....while rummaging around in my threads.....I found this .......several spools of 

Aurifil 100 wt polyester

I'm not even quite sure when I bought these but I know it was a long time ago. Wow!  these free motion like a dream and easily withstood my high speed crazy moments.  It even worked easily with a regular universal needle and the tension was perfect.  I really do need to search out some nice neutral colors.  I'm sure when I bought it, I had no idea of thread weights but this is one nice bobbin thread. 

Well that was fun!!  I also tried out Wonderfil's Fabulux which worked great and had a lot of the same characteristics of Mettler Polysheen thread which I love, love.  Lots of time I want a nice shiney kind of look to my quilting.  I started with rayons (aren't they pretty?) but never could them to work on a consistent basis.  Finally, decided that the Poly Sheen worked so much better  - came in a ton of colors and in a nice thread size.   The Fabulux is great but just doesn't have the color range that I would like. (not to mention Ihave a full set of polysheen now - lol)

Of course, this is all my experience with my machine and crazy quilting.  

Have you tried Wonderfil??  What did you think??  What is your favorite threads??

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Lynda said...

Great thread post. I have really come to like for FM Glide 40 poly and Superior Bottom line for the bobbin. But I also love most of Superior's threads including Fantastico for FM. I have quite a large collection of different types of threads after reading others' recommendations. I ended up labeling my boxes so I could quickly find what I want to use. I also still use for FM Gutterman 50wt poly in both top and bobbin. I bought some Wonderful Spagetti 12 wt cotton recently but haven't used it yet. I'm obsessed with getting FM that is individual stitches and not a straight line. I found that regardless of thread, black thread always turns into a line. But I'm trying to live with that! Thanks again for the post.

For the love of geese said...

Thank you for this. Each thread company can say what they want about their products but the end user doesn't always agree.I have not tried Wonderfil but I would be so happy if I could find a thread I like for piecing that I could also use on my longarm.

Nina Marie said...

Do you know I never see the reply on my computer but I see it here on my phone app. That's so weird. I definitely agree 100%. So many times it's like does my machine like this certain thread or not. That's why when I did this test I just literally sit down and didn't pitch it with any of the settings. I just threw the thread on my machine and just started sewing to see how it would work out. Thanks so much for the comment

Nina Marie said...

My machine has settings where you can use a bobbin thread and a heavier thread on top and it'll make it look like and quilting it's so cool

Margaret said...

I fell in love with Superior thread some years ago, and have a great collection of regular-sized spools of King Tut -- mostly variegated -- for my landscapes. I also like Superior's Masterpiece and So Fine for piecing. I don't do much in the way of free-motion, but I have some Bottom Line which I've used in the bobbin for that. And I like the Monopoly (clear) which I've used from time to time when I don't want colour on the surface. I also find with Superior that I'm not getting as much lint in my machine. My main objection to Wonderfil and Aurifil is the 'put-up'. I don't like the tube; I prefer spools with a top and bottom on them! :-)

Leisa♠ said...

I started out with Aurofil. I am not a Deco-bob fan for top/bottom. I use it for both piecing and quilting. When making it a choice for quilting, one needs to ensure they are clear on the role the thread is to play.

Because it is 80wt, it is a perfect choice for complex blocks where there is a confluence of seams. It stitches beautifully, but care must be take to match with the correct needled. Microtex 70 or 80 works well. I just bought 70 needle to test, and I prefer the 70--but MINOR diff between 80.

Thanks so much for your blog post on the threads,