Friday, July 31, 2020

Feeding the Inner Artist on Off the Wall Friday

One thing I've noticed in this year of Corona, is that being in one place is not good for my inner artist.  Over the years, I've developed habits that will feed my creative soul and keep it ref
reshed.  Needless to say, being held up in small town America might be good for keeping one self safe from a global pandemic but it's creating a drought in my soul.  Don't get me wrong.  I've enjoyed spending the summer with less social obligations and more time to finish some projects that have fallen by the wayside.  But I miss museum exhibits, quilt shows, classes, critique sessions etc etc.

Since most of us are stuck at home (or should be! gasp!)  we'll have to use what is easy, free and readily accessible   ....  the internet.  If you're reading this, I'm sure that you know that internet is more than a wasteland of kitten videos and porn.  But did you know it can feed your inner artist??

Menu For
Feeding the Inner Artist

Spend time studying art....
Pick Some Favorites  ...  how can they inspire you to make a quilt?  The palette?  A Crop??  A Deconstructed Version?  Do some quick  line sketches, or quietly think of them in your mind

Salad (Get some Fresh Air)

Go for a walk in the neighborhood.  Set a timer to stop every 5 minutes....take a picture of what your eye sees.  When you get home, grab some water and edit your photos....try seeing them in grey scale....looking at the values.....try finding interesting crops.....try finding interesting grouping.

Main Course (Pick A Favorite)

Pick an idea and do a quick compositional sketch....Do another......and another....Which one tastes the best?  Try changing around the values....Do value sketches of your favorite.  Do a small mock up with fabric....not big just spend an afternoon.  You can fuse or glue or just a stitch here and there.  Now do another.  Don't think too much ....just enjoy the simplicity of creating.  Set aside the best for bigger projects.

Dessert and Tea  (Relax)

Fill your favorite mug, grab a treat and relax by reading all the books you've bought but haven't gotten past the ogling the pictures.  Don't forget to use post a notes to mark places and make notes.  Set your favorite aside in your studio to help with your next project.  Get rid of the ones that just don't make the cut.

Sooner or later this year will make for a good story. Till then please all take care of yourselves.  Nobody wants to get sick but nobody wants to die of the cure either. 

So What Have You Been Doing Creatively?

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