Friday, June 12, 2020

Sewing Studio Make-Over ... Off The Wall Friday

So over a month ago, I decided that my studio needed a full over haul.  I  mean if you can't do a make over of your sewing room during Stay At Home Orders when can you??  I knew it was bad but I really hadn't a glimpse of how bad.  Since the federal government was kind enough to send me back some of my tax dollars, I thought I would spend some and stimulate the economy!  I set a budget of $400.  Originally when I did my studio, I tried to spend as little as possible reusing things I already had.  The first time I did my studio  it cost about $250 mostly for the design wall, wood for my sewing machine table, my peg board, lighting and paint.  With the new extra $$  I added some things that I really have been needing.

So you can see the beginnings of my make-over  saga here.  When I say saga, I had no idea how long it was going to take.  Sorting, researching, ordering, unpacking, assembling, reorganizing, and finally donating!  My gosh...who knew??

My sewing studio is in the front parlor of my 150 yr old Victorian.  Its not big...about 250 sq ft but its away from the rest of the house and has nice closable french doors.  Still over 5 years there were some things that weren't working and I really needed to change....


Fabric storage that was too bulky, too high AND in front of a big glass door 
and didn't hold all my fabric effectively 

Notions cabinet  located in a corner that is unorganized and buried in a mountain of stuff
Pegboard not effectively used leaving a lot of things on the table, 
Sewing machine table at the end of the table with electricity awkwardly placed
my scraps all in bags in the fireplace

In Short ... it was a God Awful Mess.  This is exactly how it looked on the day I started.


New Wire shelving with bins that hold color coordinated fabric
Thread boxes arranged by color and type
All clearly  labelled

Reorganization of the pegboard adding labels and more hooks
Adding one cup labeled PAPER ONLY for paper scissors
My family loves this - they use scissors and then put them back
(cost $20)

New binders decorated by downloads from Etsy 
(cost $20)

Notions cabinent reorganized with storage stack-able  boxes
(Cost $15)

Fireplace holding bolts of fabric and Silks
(Cost $0)

Cube Storage arranged so the big window is clear
Holds scraps organized by Color
(Cost $50)

I did do a little shopping at Hobby Lobby for some decorations and put up a few of my quilts using hooks and binder clips (so they can easily be switched out).  I had to buy a label maker (which was one of my best ideas EVER). Also I bought new surge protectors and extension cords.  That all came to about $60.

So final Cost ???  $465
 So worth it!!  I can now see the fabric is neatly organized and should stay that way as I do pegboard is easily used for me AND my family - things go right back to the placed labelled!  Not to mention, the room has a new vibe.  Its old  chaotic clutter is not good for me to create.  Now when I walk in  I see a clean slate - just waiting for new possibilities.

So things I want to mention.....The metal shelving is a great investment.  It is totally changeable and you can add or subtract as needed.  I did add 3 more shelves because I had more fabric than originally thought (go figure - lol)

The cube shelving is also reconfigurable to suit your needs and is super inexpensive.  The bins can be added or taken away if you want shelving or bins.  They are just super neat and easy to put together.

I bought all the little stackable boxes at JoAnn's on sale (they have them at Michael's too).  Totally worth the $1 they were.  OMG ...not only does stacking them make it easy but they were easy to open and close PLUS label.

I hope you found this helpful if you decide to do your room.  Remember what people say is right.....its not about's how you use it!!! (OMG did I just put that out online lololol!!)

If you have any questions, please put them in the comments and I'll answer them.

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Jenny K. Lyon said...

WOW, what a difference! Your solutions were clever, like the shelving that could be added on to and the "paper scissors" cup. I love a well-organized space. Fun post!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I’m on the midst of reorganizing bead and jewelry supplies.


Norma Schlager said...

It looks fabulous! I've done a little reorganizing, but really should do some more. Maybe this week. In between mask making.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes we have to spend a little to get organized - I did that a couple years ago and then added a little more in the storage area last year - it looks like you did good

Angela said...

Wonderful! I am longing to redo my studio space.

Tami Von Zalez said...

Curious why you blocked the door again on the rearrangement of your space.

Lynda said...

I love see how others organize their area. I recently replaced my cloth containers on my metal shelving with metal baskets. Then those cloth containers went into the closet to store the scraps by color. I still have way too much in this studio. I am toying with the idea of moving one of my small tables from the dye studio (garage) in here and moving out this large table. It takes up so much space which is just used to pile things on. See, you have got me thinking. Thanks for the post. Enjoy your new space.

The Inside Stori said...

What an inspiring post……your makeover is so well thought out and fun to learn about

Sherrie Spangler said...

It all looks great, but I especially love the binders!

dq said...

You did a fabulous makeover! Everything looks neat, organized, and you can see out the window thanks to those cubies. I love cubies and put them in my sewing room as well as my pantry! You will love sewing in your new space even more now!

Nina Marie said...

Thanks all for the kind words. Tami ... My fabric shelving is in front of half of these HUGE hinged doors. I really only use on half of the door to get in and out and other half normally stays shut. At one time when we used to use the room as a formal parlor - we would keep the doors totally open but now its not necessary. So the shelving is fine there.

Sherrie....Etsy has a huge selection of downloadable themes for binders. I looked for pretty binders but they were no where to be found this time of year (come back to school I bet it will be a different story). I just bought the file for $5-$7.50 and then sent it to Staples to be printed off on cardstock ( you can do it at home but what's the use of having a daughter who works the copycenter at staples if you're not going to take advantage?!) It was super easy breezy!!