Friday, September 13, 2019

Excuses Mentally Strong Women Don't Make - Off the Wall Friday

I thought it was time to get back to the series I started based on Amy Morin's book 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do.  Since we did all of Amy's, I came up with my own spin something mentally strong women shouldn't do.  They shouldn't make excuses.

Let's face it....We all make excuses.  Some are perfectly valid, some not so much....all can be be big road blocks in our creative life.  The worse thing you can do is give into the excuses and let them over power your creative self.

Excuse #1 
 I Just Don't Feel Creative

Yep.  Been there.  Done that.  The truth of the matter is that creativity comes in cycles.  These cycles are influenced by the events in our lives.  Sometimes when things are good, finding inspiration and energy in your studio is no problem.  Then it seems like the world intrudes with stress and grey skies and the next thing you know you're in a creative block.  So are you just going to lay around and binge watch Netflix and never create again?  Or do you have already in place a plan that will help you climb over the wall of that block.  To give you a shove I'll give you a peak at my plan!

 Excuse #2  
I'm too Old to Try Something New

You are never too old...for anything (okay well maybe there are some fashions should be left to the  under 21 set)  As we get older, we gain patience and persistence.  Those are EXACTLY the traits one needs to start something new.  There are so many ideas out there, so many new techniques to try.  You are not too old.   I literally talk to ladies between the age of 80-100 every single day that are still vibrant and full of ideas  If they are you!

Excuse #3  I Don't Have the Time

Do you know when someone says they don't have the time to do something, they just are saying I don't want to prioritize this right now.  Of course there will always be things that will deservedly come before your creative life like family.  But most times, you can work around everything else.  For instance, once Tessa was old enough for me to go back to work full time, I made a conscience choice not to chose a job that would suck all the life out of me.  I wanted some time and energy to spend in my studio.  I wanted that good work/life balance you hear so much about.  So I came up with a plan for that too!

Excuse #4  
I'll Never Be Any Good

Okay, we've all had those are browsing through a book or pinterest and you think
, "OMG I'll never be that Good.  They must have had some special training or something.  So Why try"  Well not only is thinking self destructive, but its also plain wrong.  Most amazing artists have gotten to be amazing through a lot of practice and hard work  They practiced .....Then practiced some more.  That all said its counter productive to compare your art to other people's.  Everyone is at their own place in their creative journey and really nobody knows where its going to lead them.  If you give into this excuse, you will never find out how good you could have been.  ALSO remember, you are your own worse critic.  What you see is a lot of times not what others see.

I'll explore others in future posts....Funny how I have no shortage of excuses.  Still I could always use more if you would like to suggest some in the comments.
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For the love of geese said...

The only excuse I use is I don't have time and it really is because I don't have time. It's because someone wants something right now and with other commitments that have deadlines I can't possibly fit it into that moment. Being a, "if I'm not a half hour early I'm not coming" person I know my limits for committing and that is what I would be doing if I took on another project. This is my first year as an Island Batik Ambassador, all of my challenges are complete through November and have been since August.So I think I prioritize my time pretty well. Complete things early then you can add additional projects :), don't over commit is my motto.

Turid said...

Thank you for an interesting article. I just found out that I'm good enough, and linked my mini art quilt.