Friday, July 19, 2019

How to Evaluate Your Work on Off the Wall Friday

So if I tell you that I'm having a great week in Emily Richardson's class Inspiration through Reflection:  Painting Fabric, Creating Quilts would you be jealous??  I was a bit uncertain exactly what we were going to learn going into the class.  I mean she couldn't possibly be teaching us how
she makes her amazing pieces of art, right?!?  Yep!  That is exactly what she is doing.  For years, I've wondered how she did it and now I get to take a stab at it myself.  So fun!!

Anyways, that brings me to the topic of the day. When you're creating a piece, how do you know
when enough is enough  - that you are finished anddddd if its any good?  This is a question, I've been asking myself so I thought you'd want to know too!

Here are some things to ask!

  • Does it have a clear focal point and is that focal point reinforced?
  • Does your eye move easily through the piece without being stalled in any one space?
  • Have you added anything that really isn't necessary to the composition?
  • Are there a nice range of values in the piece?
  • Is there proper depth to the piece?
  • Is there enough variation in shape and form?
  • Are you exploring all the possibilities of your fabric?
  • Is there quiet spaces to rest the eye?
  • Do the color choices reflect the mood you are trying to invoke?
Basically you can take your list of list of Elements of Design (line, shape, direction, size, texture color and value) and check them all over.  THEN take the Principals of the Design (contrast, harmony, pattern, proportion, repetition, variety, movement, unity)

Wow!!  Is that all?!?!   Yeah it does seem like a lot right?  Plus, I'm sure there is more, but really trust your eye to help you.  When you look at your piece is there a spot that you just don't think its working and you don't like.  Now look more closely at the spot and think why?  This will give you a beginning point on how to fix it!

So What Have You Been Up to Creatively?
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like an excellent class! I’ve been on vacation, so have nothing to link up this week, but I’ll be checking out the eye candy. 😄

Nina Marie said...

I promise more eye candy the next couple of weeks. Plus a nice review of the class