Friday, February 15, 2019

More Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do - Off the Wall Friday

So this week I continue on my take on 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do by Amy Morin.  I really love this list and I think it will translate well into our creative lives.

They Don't Let Self Doubt Reaching Their Goals

Wait!!!!  We're suppose to have goals????  Nobody told me THAT.  Well if they did you probably weren't listening because goals are scary.  Why??  Because if you set a goal you are suppose to reach it right?!?  You Bet!!  But there are two secrets to setting goals....make two types...short attainable goals and long range goals that are more lofty.  Stop.  Take time in a quiet moment and think of what you want to do with your creative life.  For instance right now my goal was to get going creatively and finish some things.  Your goal might be to enter your first juried show or to make your first art quilt.  Whatever....THEN don't let your inner critic stop you.  I know I've written on this before but its so common and so important that it bears mentioning again! You will always be your worse critic and you will always underestimate yourself.  Its  - A - Big - Fat - Lie!!  Like all lies, you can't let that stop you on your journey!

They Don't Overthink Things

Yes, we have all been many much time....It can stall you...Forever!!
The way I combat this is that I give myself a deadline and just make a decision on what goes next in a piece.  Its hard, I know, to take that leap into the deep end but remember you are NOT going to drown!  At the very worse you'll doggy paddle to the edge and try again the best it will be the beginning of a warm summer's swim.  Remember all creative decisions good and bad are not the end of the world.  Art is about the process as well as the finish product!

They Aren't Scared to take on a Challenge

Art is hard.  I'll say it again.  Art is hard.  Its hard to learn.  Its hard to practice.  Its hard be under appreciated and not understood.  Its hard to be vulnerable - Yes Jenny, you're right being vulnerable is ridiculous!  But honestly where did we think the saying  "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy" came from.  With so much struggle comes so much reward on so many levels.

And if you don't think I practice what I preach, then you must have forgot that  I spent the month learning how to sew a decent curve seam AND writing to the world that I went on antidepressents - grin!!  Like I said being vulnerable is hard!

They Don't Fear Breaking the Rules

This one I think we have cover since most of my readers are not what I call traditional quilters.  I remember my first year at Quilting By the Lake where this table of what I thought looked like a group of genial grandmas had this whole discussion on what was the best way to re-use Cd's in their quilts.  (I think the word MICROWAVE was mentioned!)  Anyways, this was my first wake up call that I wasn't in Kansas anymore and this ain't your grandma's log cabin.

It takes rule breakers to come up with the exciting.  It takes rule breakers to come up with the innovative.  It takes rule breakers to come up with the future!  Now the big BUT here is that you can't just go around breaking rule willy-nilly.  The best rule breakers have a method to their madness.

As Jackson Pollack said,  "It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well."

 So that should give you some food for thought this week.  Slowly but surely I've been getting through my Block of the Month Quilt.  Already I'm getting the itch to get back to my own original work but I see the value in this project and I'll be happy to get it onto the quilt frame.  There is something so peaceful in hand quilting!

So What You Been Up to Creatively??


Jenny K. Lyon said...

I don't know how to think without overthinking, sigh.

For the love of geese said...

Such a wonderful post. Art is hard, but with art and so many other things "you are limited only by your ability and imagination." Sometimes we have to break the rules to improve on what we have in front of us. Thank you for the linky party and today's inspiration. For the love of geese.

LA Paylor said...

much food for thought. We're all sensitive types and sometimes that helps and sometimes it gets in the way, we just keep trying. You are very open and sharing and there is courage in doing that! It's been a long time since we met up and now there is great distance between us, since we moved to CO. I wish you well, and always remember your courage cutting up pretty hand dyes in your QBTL class. LeeAnna

christine said...

Thanks! Just what I needed to read and think about right now!