Friday, July 6, 2018

Let's Talk Texture - Off the Wall Friday

Texture is defined as the tactile quality of a surface.   Most of us being fiber artists and quilters are tactile people.  We love to touch.  I mean really, have you ever walked into a fabric shop and not spent the whole time touching?  But in relation to our art, it's so much more than how things feel.

So let's break it down.


Real texture is how the piece actually feels.  Working with fiber and quilting you can easily achieve by 

Stitching, Thread painting, Quilting
Seam placement
Applique/Reverse Applique
Different Types of Fabric
Fabric Folding, Layering
Painting /Surface Design


Implied Texture is a bit more tricky.  This is the type of texture that the viewer sees with their eyes rather than feels with their hands.  Some different ways the artist can achieve this is 

Use of line, marks
Clever use of value
Repetition of shape

Okay, so I know you're saying to me "Nina with everything else I have going with making my own art you want me to worry about texture too?"  And the answer is YES!!  It's so important!!


Create visual interest or focal points
Create contrast within your composition
Help maintain balance in your piece
Convey Emotion and Set Moods

So next time sit down to your own original work, take some extra time for texture.  You'll be glad you did.

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?


Brooke said...

thanks so much for such a great post and for hosting the linky party!

Ann Scott said...

I have spoken to so many quilters and fiber artists, we share a common thread... we love texture! Thank you for this post, I love the images.