Friday, April 20, 2018

Let's Get Organized - Off the Wall Friday

Continuing with last week's spring revival theme.....I thought it was a good idea to revisit ways to organize your creative space.  Now I know there are some that thrive in a cluttered studio.  They seem to thrive on the chaos that surrounds them.  I, however, do not.  It stifles me and seems to close in on me.  With that in mind I try to keep just the bare essentials in my works space and those I like to keep organized.  Don't get me wrong, I can be the biggest clutter bug.  So I'm constantly fighting against that tendency with new organizing ideas.

Here are some I'd like to share.....

Shelve It
 Use containers and shelving in creative new ways.  First think of what you want to organize and then think of containers that will fit those objects.  For example, I tend to store my hand dyeds in big long shallow plastic containers since the pieces are all usually under a half yard and come in a ton of colors and values. These mostly were meant for under the bed storage but it works great for the many color and values of fabric I have. 

Use drawer dividers and small containers in your drawers. That way you can pull out what you need and replace it easily.  Place shelves in unused wall space, like above doors.  Then get baskets or containers that fit nicely on the shelves.


Get the Hang of It
For me horizontal surfaces are evil.  I tend to fill them up easily and then pile some more on top of that!  Its a never ending struggle.  That's when I discovered hanging things instead.  With a little bit of paint and electrical tape I turned an inexpensive pegboard into a hanging haven.  The board has changed as my needs have changed but it makes finding my things I use the most simple.  Love it!

Label It
This is a tip from my mother who loves to label.  There are such great label gadgets out there its a shame not to take advantage of them.  My mother's idea is that if the container is labeled or the shelf is labeled than it will be easier to put things back where they belong when its time to clean up. (I do want to say that I've never got the hang of using labels properly, but I'm quite sure that's a personal fault and not the labels themselves - grin)

Closet It
 Take advantage of any closet space you have in your studio or nearby rooms.  I personally use mobile storage carts to organize my dyes and paints.  Since I only use these a few times a year though, I roll the carts into a nearby closet  which also houses all my other dyeing paraphernalia.  I've also seen where closets have been converted into   pressing stations or other work spaces.

Just to let you know I practice what I preach.  This spring I've added much needed shelving to my studio and am looking for just the right containers to fit properly on it!





Julie said...

I'm on the page with needing to rethink the studio. I have one big open space with 'shared objects' too. I stared at the desk mess yesterday as the snow flew here, and couldn't bring myself to tackle it. But today, yes, today I'm on it. My real inspiration comes from moving anything from Point A to Point B. It seems to release the stuck energy, and make me feel excited to reorganize. Rule of thumb though is not to move too many things that they can't be put back that day. Thank you for sharing your many ideas to contain our creative building blocks.

For the love of geese said...

My sewing room is a small 10x10 room with no windows. The clutter struggle can be very real but by eliminating a fabric stash before it happens is a plus. This saves room for other must have items to be put away. Now if I could just eliminate all the iron cords, power strip cords, machine cords, clip on light cords, tv and roku cords and floor lamp cords. If you find a tip for controlling all of these you would be my friend for life.

Norma Schlager said...

I am impressed by your organization, especially your closet. I did my closet over a couple of years ago and it does look good, but not as good as yours. I have a big peg board on one wall and find it invaluable.