Friday, July 28, 2017

What's in a Word - Off The Wall Friday

This one's Mine all pieced

After spending a week abstracting out simple words, I've decided that letters are simply fascinating.  Obviously, my class did to, because our teacher, Cynthia Corbin, only had to explain briefly what she
wanted us to do  and the next thing ya know. . . .  there was color and shape and value EVERYWHERE.  I sat in the back corner so I had a good view of my very prolific class.  I mean, you should have seen some of the great results Cynthia's exercises produced. 

Here are just a handful of what was up on our boards this week! These ladies very generously gave me permission to post these here - but they are NOT done - they are all Works in Progress!

Literally this is OFF THE WALLS!!

Peg W.

And all these abstractions are actually words!!  I wish I had written down what the words were  - but alas - I was too busy just taking in the great use of value, color and shape!  I'm quite sure that most of my class is NOT done with playing with their letters!

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?


Jenny K. Lyon said...

Astounding work! I have always wanted to take her and you got to take her last class. I will make it to QBL someday... Your piece is fabulous-bravo!

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

What an exciting class to be part of! I love your piece where the neutrals let the bits of color and the shapes and lines shine.