Friday, November 18, 2016

New Directions - Off the Wall Friday

Can you believe its less than a week to Thanksgiving?  Where did 2016 go??  I've just gotten used to writing 2016 on things and in 6 weeks it will be 2017.  Sighhhhh, so is life! 

With the new year quickly approaching, I started to day dream about what I want to get accomplished in it.  Its all still a bit fuzzy - I have 6 weeks ya know - but I like to tuck future plans in the back of my mind to ruminate - aka bake!!

One thing I've been playing with is taking my work into a new direction.  I'm not quite sure if I really want to but if I did how does one find a new direction?!?

Taking Your Art Work into a New Direction
A 4 Step Plan

Step 1:  Give Yourself Permission - Permission??  Yes, permission to let go of familiar and the secure.  Permission to try new things and to fail.  Permission to leave your old voice behind and find new things to say!

Step 2Create the Vision - You've given yourself permission to change, but seriously, do you know what you want to change into?  Start an inspirational journal, brainstorm new concepts, make lists of things you always wanted to express but never gotten a chance - Daydream!

Step 3:  Chapter of Change - Give yourself  plenty of time to explore your new direction.  Not all journeys take the most direct route.  There are going to be plenty of false starts, new techniques and hours of just exploration.  To quote Tolkien (again - grin)

Step 4Embrace the New - Show off your new voice and leave the old behind.  What do I mean?   Its like a pair of jeans, in the beginning they are a bit stiff, scratchy and feel totally alien.  After a few washings, more than a few wearings, they feel like they were made specifically for you.  Accept the change as something not really "New"  but  just another part of yourself that hasn't emerged until now.  Once you accept it, everyone else will to.

A Famous Artist who took a new direction??

Georgia O'Keeffe
Radiator Building, Night New York (1929)
Lake George  Window (1929)

Red Hill and White Shell, 1939
Off the Wall Friday will post during the Thanksgiving Weekend! 

So What Have You've Been up to Creatively?