Friday, June 3, 2016

The Mystery of Transparency - Off the Wall Friday

With the hoop-la of Tessa's graduation almost behind me (still have the party next week), I can finally
 take a minute to think of this summer. I love summer.  With the Great Lakes bathed in sunshine, it gives me creative energy to get some of my bigger projects done.  One of which is my annual trek to Quilting by the Lake.  This year I'm taking my third class with the great Rosalie Dace - studying on Transparency and Layering.

I love the mystery the transparency and layering create in art.  What is hidden is nearly as interesting (or more even) than what is shown clearly.  Now with Rosalie, she has a habit of introducing the subject - pointing you in the right direction - and then letting you play with it.  That kind of approach always leads me to a kind of creative heaven. I mean,  you gotta love a supply list that reads like this:

A variety of sheer and translucent fabrics such as tulle netting (in colors of your choice but be sure to include black), organza, gauze, voile, cheese cloth....anything that is transparent or that you can see light through.

Sounds fun right?  She also wants us to start collecting inspirational pictures and looking at how other artists effectively use transparency in their pieces. Once you start looking you can see how artists use it to convey emotion, movement, mystery, time passage etc.

Its enough to make a girl's head spin!!

A big thank you goes out to all you well - wishers!  Its been fun playing the role of proud Momma for a while - especially since we got a bit surprise at graduation.... it was announced that Tessa was this year's McAuley Award Winner as the person who best exemplifies the Mercy Charism of service, justice, hospitality, compassionate presence and concern for the dignity of all persons.

Its such an honor and finally proves to my daughter that sometimes - just sometimes - the good guy finishes first!

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?


Unknown said...

I understand you are a proud mother!!! Congrats!!!
The course must be fun to do!! Love to see your art with transparancy!!

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Oh I would LOVE that class!I can't wait to see what you learned.

Julie Bagamary said...

Congrats to a proud mom - how exciting to launch her out into the world.

Turtlemoonimpressions said...

Congrats Mama Nina!
One of the pieces I'm currently playing with is a transparency!