Friday, April 8, 2016

Path to An Artist's Garden: Monet - Off the Wall Friday

Artist's Garden at Giverny III, Claude Monet
Garden Path at Giverny, Claude Monet
 Did you know that Monet created the garden so that he would have something to paint?  The magnificent garden he created at Giverny, about 50 miles to the northwest of Paris, gave him an infinite source of creative inspiration for his paintings.  His garden was his outside studio cultivating both new ideas in horticulture as well as starting the impressionist movement.

Now of course, I had seen pictures of Monet's garden paintings online and in books.  But not until I saw them in person was I  peeing my pants excited   so awestruck with his masterful use of color and value.  The paintings are so much more vivid in person.  You can feel the joy and pride the artist took in his garden.

The two paintings that really resonated with me were The Artist's Garden at Giverny III and The Garden Path at Giverny.  I love the idea of the path leading up to his house bringing some of the garden into his home.  Then I saw pictures of his house and entry way and found that more intriguing.  I could just picture him walking down those stairs with his whole garden in front of him full of creative possibilities.

Entryway to Monet's House
But seriously, how in the world was I going to recreate these masterpieces in fabric and do them justice?  And besides, I don't want to create what Monet saw I wanted to create what struck me about his gardens.  From the pictures and paintings I've been studying it wasn't these amazing flowers or famous Japanese bridge or even the legendary water lilies.  No it was the paths between the flowers and the entryway to the house that stuck with me.  I wanted to play with that image.

It  seemed like a tall order to get done in a month.  Still, I had some good advice from Margaret Blank who commented to me,  "remember when you were in EB's class and had to pick an inspirational source, do sketches, block out and create a piece in a month? Yes? Well, then...! GO girl! Don't you love good advice and encouragement from smarter women than you?  So I guess I better get it done!

 Psssssssss.. . . .the initial sketch is done and I was going to pick out the fabrics but thought I better get this post in on time for change!!!

Thank you  all again for the nice well-wishing and the patience with this blog while I was sick.  I'm almost 100% and getting my life back on track!!

So what have been up to creatively?



Unknown said...

I did not know that about the gardens of Monet. I now even like those paintings more.

Angela said...

I actually got to go to his gardens. Certainly a dream come true. A beautiful place and seeing his paintings for real is amazing.

Andree G. Faubert said...

You go girl! I'd love to see his gardens. We have a few paintings in our art gallery in Ottawa - they are amazing.

Margaret said...

Thank you for drawing our attention to the pathways, Nina Marie. It's often so easy to be distracted by the flowers...