Friday, June 5, 2015

Creative Reboot - Off the Wall Friday

If you've been paying attention, you might have noticed that I've been in a bit of a creative funk
lately.  Its not that I don't have ideas.  I have ideas a-plenty!!  Its that I don't have the motivation to put those ideas into action.  Because of this I've created busy work myself!

 Busy Work While Awaiting Motivation 

  •  Clean out the studio.  Reorganize fabric.  Do a massive throw-out.  I like to work in an unclutter space because to me clutter = distraction.  Of course, you could argue that cleaning the clutter is a big distraction in itself!
  •   Make a Dharma Trading Order. Thanks to my generous mother, I got a nice Dharma gift certificate for my birthday.  You know what that means???  New Dye!!!  But how does one pick with so many colors to chose from???  I spent an hour reorganizing (of course)  the dyes I already have and several more picking out the new colors I'll need for this upcoming year.  I mean seriously. . . .can a girl have too many dye colors?
  • Doing my homework for my upcoming class in July.  Now its a good thing to have it done, but does it have to be done 2 months in advance? 
Because this procrastinating  was becoming a pattern I decided this week to put an end to it.   I 
finally drafted out my latest lily project that needs to be done in 3 weeks.  Its not the most creative project I've done lately but it will get me sewing again on something new!

Second I joined Jane Dunnwold Artist Strength Training class.  A smart lady knows when to ask for help and Jane has designed an online class just for what ails me.   To tell you the truth, even though I read the class syllabus, I'm still not  quite sure what to expect.  But since I've had Jane before, I know I can trust her to help get me back on the creative track. 

You know - like a creative re-boot!

So has this ever happen to you. . . . gotten a case of the blahs? Not creative block but motivation drain?  What do you do?

Please tell me you've been doing something more interesting creatively than me!!!


The Inside Stori said...

I'm almost sorry to say I actually have wayyyy tooooo many only problem is finding time to do them all AND finding homes for the pieces I create!

LA Paylor said...

Ordering dye is a sign of wanting to work. What an undertaking dyeing is to me. All that washing out! Do you have a front loader with low water wash too? How does it get all the dye out? Do you ever worry about the dye particles? I do. I would love love love to come visit with you one day and have a play date to dye. I am not all that far away am I in MD??
Jane D.'s class is intriguing... gotta go check that out. Of course you might be better at online classes than I am. Did you finish your EB class? It sure spurred you to growth. Maybe your creative self is a bit tired from that!
I've noticed you take on big projects mostly. Have you considered a smaller format for fun?


Jenny K. Lyon said...

I don't always have ideas that can be translated into something that I can actually do-sigh, that's my problem. I do think dyers have more options because you can just make what you need! But then again, talk about a diversion!

I'm intrigued by Jane's class and curious what you think of it and if it's useful.

Nothing strikes more terror artistically than not having the next project ready to work on-what would happen if I actually could not work? A true full-tilt artistic block scares me. Sounds like you have successfully avoided one!

Anonymous said...

I have been cleaning and rearranging furniture in the sewing room. Seriously needed to be done, still in progress, no photos please... heading upstairs now.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I am very impressed with your reboot!!! Sometimes just making a list of what I think I need to do points me in the direction to start finishing.... but I like your fabrics and clean up better!!! Have fun!

Shannon said...

I have this motivation problem often. It leads to a weird guilt cycle where I feel guilty for not being motivated enough to complete my ongoing projects or ideas that I have, and then my lack of productivity makes me feel guilty about not producing more work, and then I just feel so crummy in general that I'm not motivated to make work!

Good luck on your creative re-boot- I do think that sometimes external motivation can really help!!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I feel the same way! I am taking Janes design elements class, but I want to take the strength training next!!!! I can't wait to hear how you like it.

quiltedfabricart said...

We all lose our mojo every now and then. Taking a class usually gets me reved up again or switching gears for awhile. I usually do some patchwork piecing with a simple mindless block such as dissapearing nine patch. By the time that project is done I'm ready to hop back on the art quilt bandwagon again. Like Mary I have no shortage of ideas but sometimes just don't feel like doing them.

sonja said...

Sometimes doing nothing is good. Sitting with some silence, staring at the floating by clouds, listening to birds, deep breathing, these help me. Sometimes i get my boxes of painted scraps, one cool and the other box warms, dump them out, pull some pieces to a clear area, fiddle, move them here and there and then sew them together as i please. no rules, then a pattern might emerge. i find if i am in motion i attract what more ifs. then again, sometimes doing nothing, horizon viewing is just what i need to do.

Sherrie Spangler said...

I've had the same motivation problem for awhile and I don't know how to overcome it. I do little projects, but nothing IMPORTANT. Right now I'm doing string piecing for a baby quilt just to keep my hand in the fabric. Good luck with Jane's class!

Nina Marie said...

LeeAnna - You know I want to work but then somewhere from the thought in my head to getting my feet walking to the studio - I lose it! I do think that having done the two big projects right after the master class last year might have something to do with it - studio equates to lots of hours of work. I didn't finish the last assignment in the EB class because I had some health issues and was burnt out at that point.

Dyeing is a lot easier than I thought it would be but I tend it take out all the stuff - do a ton of dyeing for a few weeks a year and then put it all away! My studio is too little to have it out and my regular projects going. I do have a 20 year old top loader and I will always have a top loader. We have too much water here so I don't need to worry about rationing it!

Nina Marie said...

Shannon - OMG -Good point!! I get a good case of the guilts too - which is bad because if you feel guilty than it makes you feel more crummy which makes you feel even less motivated. Ugh!!! It puts up such a roadblock. OTWF has helped me stay motivated but just in the last few weeks I've had a hard getting back after it!

Turtlemoonimpressions said...

These are the kind of times when I just have to let it go for awhile and do some things that are completely different from what you've been doing. Do no fiber at at all. Let it go and it will come back to you.