Friday, July 4, 2014

Catch the Beat - Rhythm - Off the Wall Friday

Rhythm created by Line and Shape  (this is Pittsburgh's Children's Museum)

Is anybody wondering where June went?  I lost most the month to being sick but it seems like finally I'm on the mend.  Elizabeth is helping me get back into the routine of things with giving us our new assignment of the month - Rhythm.  Now that's a topic close to my heart.

If there is anything I love as much as needle and thread, its music.  I never go anywhere without it and its essential in my studio.  Not to mention I've been known to play an instrument or two.  AND there is nothing I love more than a song with a thick, fat beat!

So that all said I did spend some time today researching rhythm.  One thing I noticed is that with my roots in quilting firmly on the traditional side, I already have been designing with rhythm for literally 20 years.  I mean I'm quite sure my full size quilt with over 4,200 of the same shape  over and over and well - over - would fall under "Rhythm".

But it rhythm is created through the use of repeating shape.  You can also use gradations of shapes (going bigger to smaller or visa versa) as well as using rhythm by radiation (shapes coming off of one central point).

It seems that  the rhythm of a design allows the viewers eye  to see a recognizable pattern which in turn leads to a better understanding of the over all piece.  Not to mention its a great way to give movement  and balance to a piece.
(Who knew?  grin)

Now with the basics down, I can start creating a  sketches and get my homework in!  

So what have you been up to creatively?


Anonymous said...

You are way ahead of me; I've had time only to listen to the three selections and try to figure out the jazz rhythm. Research is around the corner.

Nina Marie said...

LOL - well I listen then decided that I preferred a whole other song - so E gave me the go a head to use my own choice of song - LOL!! I'll share it with the sketches.