Friday, April 11, 2014

Playing With Color - Off the Wall Friday

The first draft
Sometimes I have a clear vision of where a design is going in concern with value and color.  And sometimes I do not.  This is one of the latter times.  sighhhh  

April's design was well received by Elizabeth, but she suggested that it might be edited.   She's right of course, with the lines it had made it all a bit busy.  Plus - like me - she was a bit distracted by the birdhouse pentagon (she thought it looked like a coffin - ouch! (grin)).  So I played for a few hours this week with the design - again.  Tessa, my teen, still thought the arrow was a bit much (and she could very well be right) but I elected to keep that.

The final draft

After several - and I mean several edits - I finally decided on a design.  It wasn't too hard to come up a decent value sketch - and I had already come up with a palette - how hard could it be to pick out which fabric goes where?????

Well this afternoon I found out - very hard.  OMG - after pinning up fabric on my design board for an hour - I gave up and decided to try it on the computer.  At least this will give me a better idea of
where to start with the fabric trials.  The afternoon flew by and since tonight is the opening night of the Tessa's spring musical - I had to give it a rest.  I don't feel like I got much accomplished!

Find of the Week

I have come a bit late to the new world of the "App" since I don't own a mobile phone (that's right I'm one of the 5% who doesn't in this country !) .  Since I won a nice kindle at work, I could now explore them a bit.  I found the game Blendoku which is a great puzzle game where you blend colors by hue and value.  Not only is it fun but its also good practice!  I must be learning a thing or two in my studio since I can easily beat the "World's Average" time.  The game is relaxing - not too taxing and its not a huge time waster.  Anyways - I know you can find it for the kindle Fire  (and Android phones) so I wouldn't doubt there is a version for the Ipad too.

So what have you been up to creatively this week?


Chris said...

Hey we must have been sisters this past week. I also struggled with choosing fabrics. And initially I was thinking about purple and yellow as well. Since the deadline is fast approaching I guess we better get moving! Love your redesign.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Geez, I'm not the only one who spends lots of time on the monthly challenges! I much prefer your edited version and the fabrics you've chosen so far look intriguing. Looking forward to seeing the final piece!

Teresa Duryea Wong said...

Nina: No smart phone? Wow. How interesting!

Laura said...

Hey, I don't have a smart phone, either. Definitely a minority these days!

Regina B Dunn said...

I love using my computer to play with values and colors on designs like you have. But you can get lost with the time... just one more combination... no, just one more.

Amy @ Amy's FMQ Adventures said...

I always love seeing what artsy things you are up to! Very nice and I'm looking forward to seeing this piece progress.