Monday, March 31, 2014

The Magic of the Art Quilt - Design Wall Monday

Final Sewn Down Version - Ready for quilting

original sketch - was in my sketch book for 5 years

I know that sometimes quilters look at cool art quilts and think  - wow - wish I made that, wish I was that creative.  Most of the time, they are that creative.  What they aren't is willing to put in the time that a good art quilt takes.  I used to be one of those people.  Then I realized that good designs   didn't just happen by magic.  I know now  they happen most often by hard work.

Background semi pieced

My latest project proves that - I'm still not quite sure how good it is - but I do know that in the last month I worked hard on it.  This was my March assignment from Elizabeth Barton's Masterclass.  This month we were exploring line.  I had had the original sketch in my sketchbook for the last 5 years and I was glad to give it a go.  It will fit in nicely with my arches series.

Blocked out version - this is just pinned to my wall  - no sewing

background pieced the rest is just pinned
This was a lot closer to my original vision - almost there
I thought I would share the progressions of the quilt to show in one post the transformation it made this month.  Each time I changed it - it took hours to get it to that point.  From start to finish there is about 60 hours of work in it.  It started out being 50" by 50" and was cropped down closer to 44" by 42".  I still have to finish the quilting on it (probably another 10 hours)  - block it so it will lay flat and then face it (another 4 hrs).  Really the sewing part of the process wasn't all that long - I would say I sew about 30 hours altogether.  The designing was the other 60!

Next month I know I'm not doing a piece so big!

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Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Beautifully done!! I am one of those quilters who have not put in the time or effort. . . after seeing your breakdown of time, I know why :) SOO worth the effort though! Cannot wait to see this quilted!! Congrats on getting to this point!

Ramona said...

Your art quilt is just beautiful. I can see the light coming through your window! Lovely.

Chris said...

It came out great, Nina. You are right about all the work that goes into it and it is worth spending the time during the design part. The 30 hours to sew it together is a lot of time invested. It would stink to invest that amount of time in a poor design.
Have fun with the quilting. If you are like me that could take about 30 hours as well!

Margaret said...

love this, looks great

Judy Hansen said...

Thanks for this post - I agree that it takes time and hard work, but it's soooo rewarding! Your work is amazing!

Dar said...

Your art quilt is beautiful. Good job on taking the time to see it through. It's worth all the work you put into it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us follow you through the many steps of your design of the most beautiful quilt - though not quilted yet.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Oh but those 90 hours were worth it! I enjoyed hearing about your process also. All that hard work resulted in a fabulous quilt. When I see a piece like this at show I say to myself, it's all about the design. And I know design is hard work-bravo!

Jody said...

The time spent was definitely worth it! I love how it evolved through the photos. I will be watching for the finished (quilted) photo, it will be interesting to see how the quilting adds to the piece.

Karol Kusmaul said...

It is a lot of time, but it's so worth it when you finish with something you can be proud of!!! Hang in there! This piece is wonderful.