Friday, March 7, 2014

March in Line. . . . Off the Wall Friday

With a new month, there is a new assignment in my on-going masterclass. . . . Line.  When I saw the topic and read the lesson, I breathed a sigh of relief.  Finally, something I knew a bit about.  Elizabeth challenged us to take an old quilt or an old design for a quilt and turn it into line  - revamping it into a new project.  After 5 or 6 classes with a woman who is always having us make design sketches - I did NOT lack for a collection of designs to choose from.

I choose to hand in these three.  Two where from previous classes and have been languishing in my sketch book for literally years.  I've been wanting to do both of them.  The ladder one is one that I've been playing with on and off  (mostly off!)  I keep putting off doing it since its a motif  I've seen everywhere.  And since art is a form of a communication - who wants to say what what everyone else is saying?? (And yes - I do realize that doesn't stop some people!)

The other two were stronger anyways.  I chose the arches since I  have a supposed arch series going.  In Elizabeth's critique, she reminded me to make sure to watch my negative space  spacing and play with unevenness.  This I knew - but its way more fun to play with it up on your design board then in pencil and paper - so the sketch really doesn't reflect that.

I then had to pick a palette - how to pick a palette you ask??  I'm glad you asked!
How to Pick a Palette
  • Maintain a collection of images for color inspiration.  Pick ones that really speak to you and you love to look at.  (I use my Pinterest boards - Color Inspiration and Art Quilts I wish I made)
  • Pick three pictures that you love, love, love - Oh and Love some more - then narrow it down to the one you love the best - leave the boyfriends behind and chose the Keeper!
  • Pick the 3-5 colors from the picture.
  • Then pull from your stash a full range of values and a good mixture of saturations from your stash. (Refer to this post if you've forgotten the difference between color, value and saturation)
  • No matter what - DO NOT go back into your stash after you start sewing it and pull another color out.  It will NOT make the piece better - it is Not  the solution to what's wrong with the piece (don't ask me how I know this - grin)  The palette is fine (I mean you married it right?!)
  • Tunisian Door - Margaret Ramsay - 55" by 41"
    So using the above method - I chose an inspiration.  I've been wanting to work with turquoise and brown so picked this one - which happens to be an Off the Waller member - Margaret Ramsay's - Tunisian  Door. Isn't it gorgeous??? I kept a picture of it close by as I chose the Turquoise, Browns, Greens and a bit of Gold.  I might add the grey in there too - haven't quite decided!!

    Ohhh and yes I got a bit of sewing done too!

    So what have been up to creatively this week?


The Inside Stori said...

Well....I'd sure be giving you an A+ today! Super!!! And I really appreciate hearing all the details of your specific assignments.....very enlightening....

quiltedfabricart said...

Good points about the pallet picking and a good choice with the door. What a great piece!

Christine Staver said...

I love teal and brown. I have not used those colors in a quilt, but I should do that. Isn't it interesting that it is hard to figure out what EB is going to say about our sketches? When I think I have done a good job she hates it and when I think I have not done vey well she loves it. I am not sue I will ever have good design figured out! But then it is only March.

Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing your lessons!

Linda A. Miller said...

Fun lesson!

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Ooh really cool to see what you're working on. I have so many projects in mind and cannot seam to steal any time away for my own work. Sounds like your class is challenging but fun! :)