Friday, January 3, 2014

Things I Learned from Candy Crush - Off the Wall Friday

Recently at a holiday family dinner, my lovely sister in law said, "I just don't know how anybody
would have the time to play Candy Crush."

I was noticeably silent - a rare occurrence as you can well imagine.  I mean, some how since the beginning of summer I've managed to find the time for Candy Crush - to the tune of 225 226 227 levels.  Its seems to been a huge time waster.

Or has it?

Upon reflection, I believe I've learned some really good lessons from my time playing this country's latest puzzle craze that would apply to my creative life.

  1. Practice Pays Off - The more I practice - the higher my scores got - they might not be the best of the competitors "Friends" but I do my personal best with a bit of practice
  2. Persistence Pays Off, too - Sometimes when I just kept trying a stage over and over  - ohhh and over . . .  I can become the best on that level.
  3. Patterns Aren't Always Apparent - but they will emerge - just like in the game - you can find the patterns in everyday life which will make your work more rhythmic and smooth
  4. Sometimes Serendipity is good - "Happy accidents" although not planned do manage to help tremendously in this game - as well as in my art
  5. Playing a series of levels leads to better skill -  the puzzles are placed in series which helps you gain a skill as your progress - That's why working in series is good for your art
And Finally -
I don't have to ever apologize for the way I have fun.  The same with my art - I never have to
apologize for my art.

Now all that said - this is NOT a suggestion for you to go out and play Candy Crush.  In fact, its addictive and a huge time hole if you're not careful.  That's why I'm putting myself on a Candy Crush Clock to make sure I don't play too much every day.

Now I'm sure you're wondering why this came to mind at this time of year.  Well the QuiltArt group is coming up with their words of the year (its an annual thing).  The last few years, I've blogged my words - and then promptly really didn't follow up (Shock! - Dismay!- Horror! )  So this year I'm giving myself a more concrete resolution of not wasting time on Candy Crush and to keep a log of studio time.  I like to see the number of hours add up (I am a Math Girl at heart after all!)

This week I did spend a TON of hours getting together my homework for Elizabeth Barton's Class - its not all quite done - nor am I done exploring.  Gosh you start delving into value and you can get lost in it!  I promise to show off the best of mine next week though!

May you all have a Blessed New Year!

So What are your Creative Resolutions for 2014?


Lynniequilts said...

I too am addicted to Candy Crush (not doing as well as you though - Level 150). Love your outlook on life's lessons learned from playing this fun, albeit, time wasting game.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you!
Don't know Candy Crush, perhaps better? :-)

Laura said...

OMG, I can't believe you're so far in Candy Crush, I'm only in the 80s.

Marilyn Wall said...

A good post on having fun and learning.

quiltedfabricart said...

Oh, the webs we weave! I'm not a game player but my "time waster and time spent enjoying it so I will not stop"
Of choice is twitter - I must admit I'm checking it and reading links, posts at least 10 times a day. Twitter rehab is not on my resolution list though. What I do need to do is de-stash and de-clutter. I"ll get right on that (as soon as I read some blogs and tweet about it) lol!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Another game player addict. I, too, point to the ways my game playing (got to get those badges on has its benefits. You have given me even more reasons why my wasted time isn't all that wasted. :) Thanks for providing a chuckle to start off my year.

No surprise I also talked about New Year's resolutions on my blog - but why I don't make them.

Susan Lenz said...

Hi! For years people have been asking me "Do you ever sleep?". Of course I sleep ... eight hours a night, soundly. They are amazed at my productivity. I laugh and always volunteer my secret. Although you haven't asked, I'll fill you in on it ... because you mentioned it in this post!

Like you, I have a day job in addition to my artwork. About eight years ago I felt small, insignificant and ever so jealous of the "real" artists with respect and shows and representation and all the academic degrees. I was attending an art performance piece ... a big bonfire meant as some sort of offering to the heavens. Enviously, I thought to myself, "Susan, you were a Girl Scout through high school. You certainly could build a better bonfire but no one would ever pay you for it and call it art." I was in the midst of a giant pity party but decided that if this stupid bonfire was supposed to be some sort of prayer/offering/communication with God Almighty, I'd try it. I prayed, "God, if you could just see it through to make me a full time artist ...".

I know that artistic inspiration doesn't generally come in lightening bolt fashion but is born from "doing the work" ... showing up in the studio ... putting one stitch in at a time. Yet, I also know that there are occasionally epiphanies. Before finishing my prayer, I had the answer:


The funny thing about being a full time artist is that we often try to equate it with fame, money, respect, sales, etc. Full time in any other profession generally means putting 37.5 hours in a week ( these hours are according to most government agencies! LOL!)

As soon as I got a time card and started logging my hours, I was amazed at the time I wasted and the time I could and did find in order to make art! Quickly, this became a habit. I no longer need the time cards.

Now, I'm a full time artist and a part time picture framer (who often still puts in 30+ hours a week at the "paying" job). My husband's efforts also helped. He took over almost all the housework in order for me to have a minimum of 37.5 hours a week in my studio. It has been an amazing ride ever since then ... a dream come true ... and one day, I might even be "self supporting". I'm still working on that!

Best of luck! Logging one's hours really does make a difference in showing an artist how to be productive!

MulticoloredPieces said...

My mantra for a lifetime: Dazzle Me!
Happy New Year!
best, nadia

Margaret said...

I'm over 60; therefore, NO resolutions! BUT my 'word for the year' is "finish"...which means I won't let the daily Solitaire challenges get in the way of my finishing my UFOs and current WIPs! Happy New Year!

Lisa Chin said...

I've heard of the way Candy Crush can pull you in and so I have avoided it like the plague. I have enough addictions already! My word for this year will be ENTER. Not only as in "enter a quilt show" but to enter into life and enjoy, and Enter the studio and work!

Unknown said...

Awesome Idea !!! Mattes
wooden stretcher bars

Michelle said...

My theory is that we've all got things in our lives that other people could label as time wasters.

Unknown said...

Relaxation is imperative to creativity! Enjoy your game! My word this year, which I will eventually put into words in my blog, will be "apply". I've spent much time these last few years, reading, attending classes, practicing, taking workshops… now I just need to steadily "apply" those skills and techniques. It's so easy to just bounce from one new thing to another without any mastery. Time to master… my goal. Keep playing, Nina… too many lose the fun!

Vera Holmgren said...

I had never heard about Candy Crush Before, but now ... OMG