Monday, April 8, 2013

3/4's a Wheel - Design Wall Monday

   3/4's the way done.  Well. . . .I thought I could finish this in one Sunday, but 8 hrs into it I called uncle. . . "Uncle".  Really, for once, there isn't a rush on this.  Its just that I thought I would get the top done since this week is going to be busy at work.  Sigghhhhh the best laid plans.


Still, it is coming the way I envisioned.  I'm all proud of myself since I drafted the pattern and dyed most of the fabric.  Not to mention, getting the value progression right was really hard.   Not only was this is a study in color and value - it turned into an exercise in saturation.  I kept fiddling with the fabric choices until finally I had to remind myself that this piece was just for me - in my studio.

Anyways - hopefully I can finish this up in time for Off the Wall Friday.  Its always nice if the hostess can show that she's actually sewing during the week. 

Julie's Workspace
Also this week on Wednesday is the year long  "Sew Many Places" blog link up  - where quilters/fabric artists will link up posts on their  work spaces.   I'm using the link up as an excuse to reveal my new studio since I officially retired my sewing hole last week.   Now, I've gotten a few emails from people who have been shy to show off their humble work spaces.  In that light, my friend Julie in Alaska gave me permission to show her work space.  Now Julie pretty much has been sewing all of her life and making quilts for almost that long.  This is her space.  Its not big, its not pretty - but I can testify - she does get a lot of things done there.  Just proving that you don't have to have this huge space to make lovely things!

Anyways, anybody is welcome to link up their workspace -it will be open all year - so I hope you'll join us.

See more great Monday design Walls at Judy's Patchwork Place.


Heather Pregger said...

Your color wheel is coming along beautifully! The value progression looks spot on.

Bonnie said...

Great job on the color wheel. Dying fabric is great fun.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

It is looking soooooo good!

Rhonda said...

Love your color wheel. Being able to take your time is a blessing!!

Rhonda R. said...

Beautiful color wheel. What a great use for hand-dyed fabric.

Judy Ferguson said...

Study of color value and saturation is sadly neglected by quilters. I taught a class on this and most were totally lost. A good study.