Friday, February 8, 2013

A Plan is Established - Off the Wall Friday

A view from the back muslin foundation
Sew many times when I come up with an idea for a quilt, I have no idea on how I'm going to construct it.  I mean  - sometimes I have a vague idea or two - but nothing concrete.  That's how it was with the ladies.  I knew I wanted a pieced complex background with three appliqued ladies on top.  Beyond that, the path I was going to take was a bit of a mystery.

I think that's what put me off the last month on the ladies.  Now don't get me wrong.  They have been very patient waiting there on my design wall all month while I been off stitching, but the deadline for Sacred Threads is a month away and it would be nice if the Ladies made it!  Still I had no idea of how I wanted this piece to go together.

Before when I did pieces like this I would construct the whole top applique and all - then do the thread work and quilting.  The piece is bigger than and sometimes a bit harder to get the thread work just the way I wanted.  But after watching Kit Lang progress through a piece or two,  I came up with the idea that maybe I could do the stitching individually on the parts and then put the pieces all together at the end.  Besides doesn't each lady deserve a little bit of individual attention?  So that's what I spent the day doing today and boy was it easier!  One lady down  - two to go!

 The next problem is putting the ladies back on and pinning the sheer shadows in place where I want them.  This has always been a pain since when I pin to the background - it goes through and pins to my design wall too.  Sighhhh ( note to self:  get a nice core board design wall to use on projects like this.)

Anyways - I should be able to finish up the ladies this week and get them all securely pin down for the last bit of thread work.  I'm thinkin' I'm going to layer it with batting at that point to act as a nice stabilizer. 

Ohhh and yes - I have been stitching all week on the Signs, Signs and am on my third block!

So what have you been up to creatively?


Living to work - working to live said...

It will be interesting to see how this progresses, and yes, why not stitch the ladies independently, give them a bit of love and then construct the whole.

quilthexle said...

I'm right with you ... Kit got me thinking about her way of working on parts of the quilt individually, too ;-)) Can't wait to see your ladies!

Lynette said...

Lovely!! Yes, every lady deserves individual attention - this is going to be a fabulous piece when you're finished. I love watching it progress. :)

Anonymous said...

Your ladies are looking lovely:) It's great watching your progress and process. Enjoy your weekend. Dianna

Margarita Korioth said...

I also love to see how it progresses. At the end you will have a wonderful piece beacuse of all the love you put in it.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nina Marie. The way you are quilting the women is really interesting, beautiful contrast to your background. I tend to work like you--no idea how I'll get it together. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece!
best, nadia

Karen S Musgrave said...

Can't wait to see this complete! I too like your background. Remember this is suppose to be fun!

Linda A. Miller said...

Thanks for the invite to Off the Wall Friday. I look forward to seeing what your ladies will become!

jeanne hewell-chambers said...

there's nothing like a deadline, right?! personally, i love working in the space of not knowing, of just standing back and watching my hands romp. (though i'd be lying if i said it isn't sometimes a wee bit stressful.) they amaze me, my hands, and it's great fun. sounds like you're having fun, too. love the colorful, contrasting background and the stitching the stitching.