Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting Ready for Open Studio - Off the Wall Friday

Well the last few days have been a world wind.  I still haven't gotten the hang of working full time and keeping the house going and getting time to sew ---- ohh and read my favorite blogs.  sighhhh - I really do need a wife.

Also it doesn't help matters much that I spent a whole evening trying to track down my journal quilts that I  had done years ago.  I wanted to re-purpose them into book markers or whatever to sell at the Open Studio event this week.  What???  I didn't tell you there was an Open Studio event this weekend??  Well you're just gonna have to wait to hear about that in the next post!

Anyways. . . . I never did find the journal quilties - even though I swear they were in the cedar chest!!  But I DID find my bag of dupioni silk pieces.  I love dupioni silk - I mean all that texture and saturated color - what's there not to love??  That bag has been lost 2 years so it was a good time to find it.  All day at work today I thought of uses for them and settled on mini book marker quilts.  I just started them tonight but hope to get a good series done in time for Saturday.  Here is 1 and a half of them - I might double the batting in the next - hmmm I'm not sure!   I love how they are quick and pretty and full of texture - plus you can really use them and I can sell them cheapie.

But more on that next time!

So what have you 've been up to creatively???


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I love the piece about your grandma. Thanks you for sharing it.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

And not only is Paul cute, but he is marvelously talented!


Kit Lang said...

My gosh - those whirlwind weeks are a lot to take, aren't they? My week's been pretty quiet, actually - I've been sick! *le wah*

But I got some work done last weekend that I'm sharing today. :)

Looking forward to hearing about the Open Studio!

quilthexle said...

Very lovely bookmarks ... I guess you'll be sold out in no time!

Robin said...

Why is it we can never find what we need when we need it?? Love the "need a wife" comment:)))))

The Inside Stori said...

Me too, me too......this week flew by and I'm still looking to add more hours to my days.... Isn't it grand that we'll never be bored!?!?

Lisa Chin said...

Taking care of the kids and family (even though they are teenagers) is a full time job in and of itself. I hope you are able to hold it all together! Your post has more energy today than I do (head cold - blah)! Cute bookmarks. Good luck getting it all together!