Friday, September 21, 2012

Barely a Barn Raising - Off the Wall Fridays

Okay, I admit it, I’m Pathetic

I do know that I have a deadline coming up in just a little over a week and did I manage to get more done this week??  That would be a big fat no. Life keeps on intruding dragging me here and there. I don’t seem to have the discipline to yell, “Stop – I have to work on my fall piece!” No. . . . I just keep letting anything and everything distract me.

Kali thinks I'm Pathetic too!
Did I mention I was Pathetic?

So I really am going to have to buckle down this weekend.

But what have I gotten done so far? I did manage to start working on the barn and working out the value problems. I’ve already done the side wall over since the one I did this weekend was way too light. I do like the gradation in value I’m getting with the reds – adding a bit of orange in there so it doesn’t get too matchy-matchy. I’m having a bit of problems with placement so I might end up making a quick placement pattern – which I normally hate to do since I don’t like to stick so strictly to the initial design but now its getting hard to get everything lined up right.

So I think its time to get a good book going on my mp3 player and see if I can focus in my studio.  The one I'm listening to right now is The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King.  I've read/listen to it several times and still never get sick of it.  Its the story of Sherlock Holmes apprentice (and later wife) Mary Russell.  Hopefully by Monday's post, I'll have more to show for myself!

So what have you been doing creatively??????


Lisa Chin said...

Who are you kidding? Kali thinks you are awesome, especially if you give her a little rub behind the ear. We all get distracted when things aren't working out. It'll all come together soon! Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lisa. Probably the most difficult parts are the ones you have in place. Getting that foundation down is always a struggle, and usually the least interesting to work out. I like the values in the sky. Can't wait to see more! I'm still traveling, getting small amounts of time to work on my "sunset", but won't be able to post until next Friday.

Susan Lenz said...

Kali is beautiful. We've always had a black cat too. They've all known that a quilt is the best thing to sit on. Good luck this coming week.

Karen S said...

seems to me that cats always think we're pathetic.

I loved the Mary Russell books! Of course I did my senior honors paper on "women in Sherlock Holmes stories" -- but that was before I discovered Laurie R. King.

Nina Marie said...

Ohhh Karen - I love the Mary Russell books too - I'm reading in hardcover right now the last two. Still I tend to read them over and over 'cause I get something different from them each time. Love Love Laurie R. King - love her other series too. Its nice to have an author that is still writing past a 6th grade reading level!

quilthexle said...

Another lover of Laurie R. King over here ! With such good company you should be able to make good progress with your barn quilt ;-)) I love to listen to books while quilting, too ... today it was a mystery by Hakan A. Nesser ...

Sandy said...

I do know what you mean about putting off things when you have a deadline.
or the other bit is that you think something is going to be hard and then find yourself at the computer. How did I get here?

When you find yourself looking through the house for something to go in the wash or heaven forbid, cleaning something that you haven't touched for ages, then you have to work out a way to chain yourself to the machine! LOL
Sandy in the UK

Sylvia said...

I seem to be working feverishly to meet a deadline all the time. I am trying to get to where I give myself more time to finish. Hang in there, it will work out.

landscapelady said...

It's gonna be great! The early stages of any project are south better in our minds . Do you use a reducing glass? I find looking thru a peephole from the hardware store helps blend those colors. Looking forward to seeing your piece progress