Thursday, September 13, 2012

Albion Fair Week . . . . .Inspirational Thursday

Did I ever mention that I live in a small town?  I mean we are really small town.  Like small town as in we have our own Goatfest  and  there is only one traffic light.  

That said, we do have a pretty awesome fair.  The Albion Fair has been around for 68 years and has over 400 volunteers staffing it.  The whole town seems to shut down for the week, with kids getting out of school early to fully enjoy their ride-a-rama tickets and people camping out to take care of their animals that are on display.  Since we only live 2 blocks away, we usually go down every night, eating dinner at the different groups' tents and seeing our neighbors one more time before we all go into winter hibernation.  

This year, since I couldn't share with you the wonderful smells and sounds that abound at the fair, I did manage to  get some nice inspirational shots.  Of course your more than welcome to steal these shots  - as always on Inspirational Thursday - but I would highly suggest that the next time you go to your local event that you take some shots that really capture the true essence of your town.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Gotta love that Gourdy!