Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More on Quilting by the Lake

This was my 13th year at Quilting by the Lake and although I'm still waiting to age into the group, its one place that I can say I always feel at home.  I owe this conference so much. . . .I can't even tell you.  Over the last 13 years, I've learned a ton about the design principals, a few new techniques, and to look at quilting in a whole new light.  Still those really aren't the most important things I've gotten out of QBL.  I think the most important thing was being able to meet so many creative women.  These are smart, capable women from all walks of life who all come together with one thing in common - quilting.

One of these women is my friend Pam.  I met Pam when we both ended up in the same classes over and over.  Finally it occurred to me that we both had a lot in common and I started sitting near her for the week.  This year, she let the work of Paul Klee inspire her into coming up with a new series.  Now for the last few years, Pam has been concentrating on doing abstracts of  cells of different diseases and such.  She's been juried into national shows,  won prizes and they've become a bit of a trademark.  This year though, she let the circuit board on her phone lead her work.  She took a piece of screened background which she's had at least a year or so and started machine appliqueing the pieced on it.  It was a joy to watch her piece materialize in front of our eyes.  She got quite a bit done - but I can't wait to see it finish!

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