Sunday, October 23, 2011

Decisions. . . Decisions. . . .

Well with everything that's been going on here - basically life - I haven't had time to get into my sewing hole.  Still, that doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about what I want to create next!  Where ever I went this month, I brought my sketch pad and worked on the design samples for my new project.  You see, I have these two walls in my family room that are in drastic need of a make-over.  They have these god-awful prints on them now that truly need to be pitched donated.  With that said - now I'm left with the decision of what to fill them with.  I thought for once, I might want to put up my own art.

 My family room is big with a nice high ceiling and warm wooden floor.  Its filled with over stuff couches and my husband's shaker/mission style furniture.  The wall color is this warm terra cota which I love since the room is so big and there a ton of wood every where.  After much thought, I decided to try to make something decorative - for a change LOL - with organic lines.  But what??????

So out came the sketch book and I started getting ideas together.  At first I started simple - but as you can see - soon the designs got more and more complicated!  Which one do you think I picked???

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Maryse said...

This is startin' to look like alot of fun!pecir