Thursday, July 15, 2010

Off to Quilting by the Lake

Well I'm leaving today for my annual trip to Quilting by the Lake held in Syracuse, New York.  This will be my 10th year so I hope it will be a special one.  I'm taking a class from Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer called Expressive Fiber, Master Class.   Basically its more of a directed studio than a design class.  The class is to have  class critiques and brainstorming as well as other professional concerns of a fiber artist like a good artist statement (is there such a beast out of there?).  I remember when it was first announced last year that  some quilters were intimidated to sign up since it was posted for intermediate to advanced quilters.  That didn't phase me until I saw a list of the ladies that will be joining me this week.  There are some very talented women in that class.  Its always a little scary going in wondering if you will measure up!

This is my second time having Jeannette.  I had her about 5 years ago in a design class.  At the time, I never really understood or appreciated abstract art and she was the first teacher who truly opened my eyes to it.  Her work is abstract but you can clearly see what she's trying to portray with it.  It really moved me to the next level with my own work and I loved the piece I created that week.  I nicknamed  it the Praise Ladies because it was based on women at church who go up to the alter to dance and sway in praise to God.

That was also the piece that won my first ever 3rd prize at our county fair (I usually would win 1st or 2nd).  While I was still bumming about that, a lady from Ohio called, said she had seen the quilt at the fair and could she buy it .  So it was my first art piece sold.  She wanted it for her Yoga studio.

I always credited Jeannette for bringing out the best in my work and I'm hoping that this week it will be no different.  I'm thinking I'll continue the arches series - but you never know what I'll end up with.  I'll just have to pray and see what happens!


Suzanne Kistler said...

This weekend I asked my husband if he would mind if I signed up for Asilomar next year. There is only one week I can fit into my schedule, and there is one class that grabbed my interest. On your recommendation, today I will be sending in my reservation for the class with...Jeanette DeNicolis Meyer.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL week that causes your creative juices to flow into overdrive! Enjoy!!!

henny said...

love to read all your experiences in art quilting! Congrat too for your first sale :)