Friday, November 2, 2018

Back to Upstate - Off The Wall Friday

Well, I'm writing this from my cabin in upstate New York...again.   Helping family is always a worthwhile pursuit even if it is in the middle of no where.  At least they have WiFi ... grin!!  I've been pretty busy here, but  I did take time to lay out all my pinwheel blocks and reevaluate where I'm going with this quilt.

After looking at it, I really do need to do some more Medium values.  I still have a big pile of lights that is not laid out and a big pile of darks that aren't laid out - but no mediums.  I do like where this is going.  I think when I do the final layout I'm going to let it happen organically.  Just let my eye work the gradations between values.

Laid out on my parents rug

Ohhhh speaking of that, I also need to make up some transitional blocks.  So that will mean half and half blocks.

I'm really glad I found this project again after such a long time lost.  Its the perfect thing to fit in while helping my parents.

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?


Lynda said...

Nina, I love those pinwheels! Can't wait to see the finished project. Nice to be helping your family and the cabin looks like a great place.

Denise L said...

I love the fabric colors, I dont know how you could improve on them. Still, cant wait to see what you do. Thank you for the linky party. Denise@fortheloveofgeese