Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy New Year!! Off the Wall Friday

There are White Christmases and then there are White Christmases Erie Pennsylvania style!!  You might have heard, but this week we had over 5 feet of snow drop in a couple of days time.  It put a big damper on the holiday for a lot of families.  For us, we just sat and watched it snow. We broke all sorts of records and it puts us at 103" of snow already for this winter!   Just in case you wonder what that looks like . . . .

There is the pretty side of it . . . .

And then there is the not so pretty side of it. . . . .

sighhhhhh #LifeonLakeErie

Sooooo . . . . 

I took some days off this weekend to spend exclusively in my studio and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate since we are suppose to get a foot more this weekend.

Also -


Recently, I spent just over 5 hrs listening to an enormously amusing book, Tim Gunn, The Natty Professor:  A Masterclass on Mentoring Motivating and Making it Work.   I bought the audio book to listen to Tim himself read the book on what I thought would be insight on Tim, the Mentor. So I was surprised when  that really wasn't what the book was about.  It was a hodge - podge  of stories from his life that spoke to life lessons and his views on the academic world.  There were some wisdoms thrown in there on how to critique and encourage, but what I found so fascinating AND entertaining is  his down to earth look at his life. Also, I love the little inserts of stories of inspiring teachers.   I loved the book and I'm sure I'll listen again.  I mean, its like he sitting there talking to you!!  I would recommend it to anybody who teaches, mentors, or parents!  Plus since most people found Tim Gunn's Life Little Lessons much better, I'm going to read that one too.  Too bad that isn't in audio form too!

So hopefully by next week I'll have something new from my studio to show  since I got fabric, thread, Gelli Plates AND a new Rowenta Iron for Christmas!!

What Have You Been Up to Creatively?


  1. Oh I am all over that book-thank you for the recommendation! I love autobiographies. That snow is something-I grew up in north central Ill and I can relate. Enjoy your studio time!

  2. Wow! And here I am whining about negative numbers cold wise. Snow is good but that’s a bit much. Thank you for the recommendation . I love Tim so will try to find it on audio.

  3. Fabulous pictures of the lake effect in Erie. It's only December and already you've topped 100". I can't imagine shoveling that much by hand. I've added the Natty Professor to my wish list of future reads.

  4. That's a lot of snow!!!! Shoveling the stairs is the only way to get them cleared and I feel your pain. Hope you don't get that foot of snow this weekend. Beautiful pictures. I won't complain about the freezing temps.

  5. Bonne année 2018 et que la joie , la santé et la créativité soit au rendez vous.
    Magnifique ce Noël blanc nous avons aussi de la neige mais beaucoup moins.
    Meilleures pensées de Suisse

  6. A big snow dump is always a good reason to stay inside and stitch. Love the pictures of the snowfall.


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