Friday, September 9, 2016

Hand Stitching Inspiration - Off the Wall Friday

I'm a little talked out this week - but I've been studying hand 

   stitching for texture's sake.      Its amazing how the mark 

                            of Hand is so unique and interesting!   Creating line

            with a needle & thread seams just that much more

  personal than just doing it with a pen.

                              Each stitch is like a little piece of yourself.   
(These pictures are from my inspirational folder and not my own work)

So What Have You Been Up to Creatively?



  1. It is remarkable how the stitches change a piece. Visit Julie: You and she are at the same place. It must be the season.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration! I've only recently discovered hand quilting and would like to use it more creatively in some projects.

  3. there is just something about hand stitching that is comforting. What king of threads are you using? I want to reach out and touch :-)

  4. Thanks for the link-up opportunity. I linked a post from June that I updated this week with an announcement of a completed book of photos created with Blurb's BookWright software. I have used the Blurb option in the past to publish tutorials from my how-to blog, Appleton Dance.

  5. Love, love, love the hand stitching. Beautiful texture and lines ... and color!

  6. Wow Nina Marie, these are fantastic! I am so intrigued by hand stitching for texture beauty --- even though I have had little success with it. My pictorial self seems to get in the way! thanks for inspiring me!

  7. I too am so hooked on hand stitching..only problem when I go to do any freemotion's like learning all over again! HA But I'll still keep with my hand embroidery/stab this post!

  8. Your hand stiching is wonderful I especially like the third one down.

  9. So Sorry for the confusion!! I did not do these samples - they were ones I took pictures of or had in my inspirational folder. I took them out because I've been studying them for my next piece.


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