Friday, March 4, 2016

Creative Connections - Off the Wall Friday

Joyce and I
Don't you like having smart friends?  A couple of months ago my friend Joyce came up with the idea that to help make some new connections she would start a "Creating" group.  The group would meet two Tuesdays a month for a couple hours just to do some creating.  Now she didn't specify what you can create or how.  So some ladies knit, Joyce does jewelry making, some even brought the latest fad in coloring.  I of course brought some handwork.

I have this pinwheel project that has sat ignored on the shelf for the last couple of years.  I'm piecing it together by the English paper piecing method which I find really relaxing.  I had forgotten how much I like this project.

But what I like more is the connection we're making over creating.  The whole group is a brillant way to destress on  a weeknight.    Even better is that its a great way for ladies to build relationships without the uneasy or awkward feeling of always needing to fill the airspace with something to say.

Still I want to say that after explaining the method of making a quilt through English Paper Piecing, I'm surprised nobody said - OMG are you out of your mind??  The quilt is getting to the point where I'm going to have to make some decisions on what direction its going.  One can not just keep piecing trapezoids forever.  I really need to settle on a value scheme so I can start making sure I have the right pinwheels!

So glad there are a lot of Tuesdays left in the year!

So what have been up to creatively?


Julie Bagamary said...

The pinwheels look so fun!

Chris said...

The group sounds like fun. Wish there was that kind of group near me.

Julie said...

You have trapezoids, and I have ongoing hexies. These projects are so good because they're mindless, and we can carry on conversations without worrying we'll make a mistake. Yes, at some point we have to figure out our main scheme, but I always think I can split it up into a 1930's, a retro, add-on applique, etc. etc. I think sometimes the addition of a few units made out of these shapes adds more to a separate creation than if they are the only block contained within.

Just a thought. I'm going to watch to see what you do with all your precision piecing, though. It always seems like I have oodles until I lay them out together, and they 'shrink'.

Thanks so much for your inspiring link up.

Julie @ Pink Doxies

Shannon said...

So wonderful that you have a great creative group to be with! And especially that everybody's in different media. A lot of inspiration can come that way sometimes. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the trapezoid pinwheels-- so many different ways you could go!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Lovely quiet slow stitching project to share with friends! I'll be interested to see them on your design wall. Won't that be pretty!

Afton Warrick said...

Sounds like a great group. Could you do light pinwheels on a dark background, and transition to the other side with dark pinwheels on a light background?