Friday, May 1, 2015

Prom Week at Off the Wall Friday

This is the dress right out of the package!
Did you know. . . . that you can go on Ebay, pick out a prom dress and have it custom made for under $150??  Yep, I found this out when faced with the dilemma of finding a prom dress to fit the petite measurements and quirky style of my 17 year old.

All we had to do was pick a dress, send them her measurements and pick one of the 60 colors offered and in less than 30 days it arrived at our door step in Pennsylvania.  Oh, did I mention that the Ebay seller was in China?  And that the dress was amazingly well made??  I'm still a bit in awe.  I'm not sure if I'm more surprised that you can have a dressed customed made for that price or that it actually showed up just as promised!

I did have to make a few adjustments  today though.  It seems that we didn't realize the dress had a long train which isn't quite the thing when you're 4' 10".  Between alterations and dental surgery, no creative time :( for Momma.  Still there is always next week!

So I'll let you all carry "Off the Wall Friday" this week!

What have been up to Creatively?


  1. You must be very proud. She and her dress are so beautiful!!!!

  2. A beautiful girl in a fantastic dress! Couldn't be better.

  3. wow! You were trusting! The dress is absolutely lovely on her. Stunning and great choices in style and color. The train would be hard to navigate at a prom but it is so romantic. LeeAnna

  4. Your daughter is so cute! And the dress is cute, too.

  5. Your daughter is adorable and the dress is fabulous. I don't know if I would be brave enough to do it, since I'm sure it was not returnable.

  6. It would be a good idea to change the labeling on the piece Kathy Loomis to Barbara Walther, the creator of the piece illustrated that won the Lynn Goodwin Borgman QN Award for Surface Design. Kathy commented on this gorgeous creation, not created it. Betty Goodwin

  7. Betty, You probably don't realize how our blog link up - Off the Wall Friday works. Each blogger links their blog post from the week to this page. There is a little thumbnail photo that you click on that takes you to that artists blog. The photo usually represents what the blog post is about. Its labeled with either the person's name or what the post is about. So you see, I don't label the thumbnails and Kathy isn't trying to claim credit for Barbara's work. You can click on the thumbnail and it will bring it to post.


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