Friday, January 23, 2015

Stealing A Curve - Off the Wall Friday

If I'm suppose to be doing a piece centered on curves. . . . .

And I'm suppose to Steal Like An Artist.. . .

How does someone go about stealing a curve???

 Its no surprise to anybody that I love curves.  Ever since I became a quilter I've been fascinated by them.  I mean, curves are so much more mysterious to a beginner quilter than squares.  Squares you can just match the straight sides and sew a neat quarter inch seam.  Curves have concave and convex parts (don't even ask which is which) that might or  might not match up as you piece them.  Pins are involved, pressing is necessary. . .it all seems complicated.  So you steal.

Fire on the Water, Judy Dales
From who?  From the very best.  15 years ago, I took a class from Judy Dales.  Her work with curves
is breath-taking.  Every time I see a piece  of hers, I'm struck by the movement and grace of her curves and how they interact with the environment  which she places on them.  Her curves have so much to say.  She subtly uses value to give the curves life.  She taught me the traditional method of first drawing out a pattern and then using that pattern to piece the curve.  Oh and OMG did she teach us to draw a curve.  I remember that I spent 8 hours one day just drawing a curve and erasing a curve and drawing it again.  Then perfecting it.  Then perfecting it some more.  By the end of the class not only could I draw a curve easily but I also learned that I did NOT want to traditional pieces curves - ever.
Flying Free by Caryl Bryer Fallert

Just around that time, I met Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry.  This prolific artist is all about the curve and color.  She's spent the last 30 years perfecting a voice that rings with joy and vitality with every new piece.  I've studied her use of a saturated color and value that give her curves an energy that is truly awe inspiring. I used a couple of her patterns to get an idea of how she pieces her work.

As I went about piecing my latest curves, I was struck with how much I've stolen from both these ladies and how different my work is from theirs.   The idea is to study artists you love, take from them what works for you and then build on that.

Hopefully my new piece will do that.

So what have been up to creatively?


  1. I also took that class from Judy Dales oh so many years ago. I remember that it was quite tedious and I made a lovey wall hanging using her pattern. Now I love curvy piecing but now mine is free form and involves no marking or pinning.

  2. Both stunning pieces. It will be interesting to see what you have taken that is reflected in your curves.

  3. How lucky to have taken a class from Judy dales - I've seen her work in person and it is stunning to say the least.

  4. Does anyone have her book? I am thinking about buying it as I could use some insight on curves. Just wondering if it would be helpful. I know her work is amazing but sometimes the amazing part falls thru in book format. Due to no fault of the author, I might add. Some methods just need to be taught in a class. I see it's on Amazon.

  5. I love both artists' works so much. A few years ago, I discovered this book: Curves So Simple No Applique, Pinless Piecing. The methods are pretty simple. It takes some practice. But in the end, I discovered I don't like piecing of any kind. But if you want to piece curves, you might try that book.

  6. I took a class from Carol years ago. She is a lovely person and a great teacher. I also love the "curve" on your first photo - priceless.

  7. Definitely two worth stealing from


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